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" . . . to whom . . . meant nothing, "
     The difference one month can make!  Last month JCM sent you its Monthly Teaching Letter entitled, "Church, You Will Be Made To Choose."  And now in July 2015, we see very clearly that those words are so true!  If you have not read JCM's June 2015 Monthly Teaching Letter, I encourage you to do so!  See for yourself what God has foretold us about the Days we are living in RIGHT NOW in July 2015!  The Days ahead of us Church are to be won, but the ONLY WAY to be victorious is to stand for God and what He has said and what He has said TO DO while we are in the midst of walking out "Life" in this Time in History.  Many weeks ago The Lord began speaking to my spirit two words that set me on a journey of research in The Bible and in Bible History.  Little did I know then what The Holy Spirit would uncover would tell us all as The Body of Chirst, "what" and "who" we are dealing with and now living among.  We have so much to look at and receive from The Lord this month, so let's get started!  Praise The King!    
     Bible History, times and dates, research of the Hebraic (The Hebrew - the true, deep and foundational meanings of the words in The Word of God) patterns and the prophetic are all some of my passions.  Looking back in time to learn and understand what one can see and understand about the present is crucial for the Days that we are living in.  So, before we get into the meat of this Teaching Letter, we must look at something that is, I believe . . . incredible!
     As you have been taught before, the Western part of the World follows a calendar called the Gregorian calendar.  Yet, God has given His People, His Time Table and His, Calendar.  We refer to it as The Jewish Calendar.  On the Gregorian calendar here in the US, on the date of Friday, 26 June 2015, The Supreme Court of the United States issued a decision changing our Constitution.  The Court deemed that it is now legal and a Law within The United States that Homosexual Marriage is legal and that The Land would have to enforce it. 
Moses in the U.S. House of Representatives Chamber 
     Now, when one looks back at Bible History you find that this year, 2015 is the year that marks the 2,600 anniversary of a horrible time for God's People.  2,600 years ago this year is when the evil King Nebuchadnezzar and his army captured The Holy City of Jerusalem and captured the Jewish People and took them into exile to Babylon.  Although the tragic climax of this invasion was the destruction of The Temple in Jerusalem, what was the pivotal move by King Nebuchadnezzar that USHERED THE ARMY INSIDE OF JERUSALEM, was the breach of The Walls Around Jerusalem!  The breach of the Walls surrounding Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar and his army was on the ninth (9th) day of Tamuz on the Jewish calendar.  And why this is SO SIGNIFICANT to us today is that, the ninth (9th) day of Tamuz this year was Friday, 26 June 2015!
     On Friday, 26 June 2015, the United States Supreme Court announced its 5-4 decision to legalize Same-Sex Marriage in all 50 states on the exact same day 2,600 years ago to the day that the enemy of God's People (King Nebuchadnezzar) breached their Walls of Protection!  And the enemy of God and His People (the devil) has once again breached the Walls of a Nation for God!  The Walls of the Christian Nation of the USA have been breached and the enemy has entered through a protected Wall that surrounded this Nation and Her People! 
     And the enemy's Plan is to take God's People once again into a "Place of Exile!"  The enemy or devil has a Plan to "exile" or "banish," "deport," "expel" or "cast out" God's People and their Voice and The Lord's Word (The Bible) in this Land.  And making what God has said is, WRONG and an ABOMINATION and DETESTABLE TO HIM . . . making what God has said is WRONG, to be RIGHT is a definite breach of the spiritual Walls of protection that we have enjoyed here in America, until now.

"Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable." (Leviticus 18:22 (NIV))
"You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination." (Leviticus 18:22 (AMP))

Romans 1:21-22, 24-28 (NLT) " . . . And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused 22 Claiming to be wise, they instead became utter fools . . . . 24 So God abandoned them to do whatever shameful things their hearts desired. As a result, they did vile and degrading things with each other's bodies. 25 They traded the truth about God for a lie. . . . 26 That is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires. Even the woman turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other. 27 And the men, instead of having normal sexual relations with women, burned with lust for each other. Men did shameful things with other men, and as a result of this sin, they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved. 28 Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done."

     What does the word "exile" mean?  The definitions are expulsion or banished from one's native land by authoritative decree, prolonged separation.  When one is in "exile" you are forced to live in a Land that is not your own.  You are forced to live under rules and laws that you are not accustomed to and may not agree with.  You are held in another Land that is not your desire to live in.  You are forced to live under the will of another leader and place that is not of your own will or desire.  When in "exile" one no longer is within the Land that they once lived in and occupied.  The freedom and liberty to live in the Land that you once lived in, is no more, for you have been taken into another Land that you did not choose to be a part of.  America's beautiful Walls have been breached and an enemy of God and His people are on the move! 


     Previously, I had written that there were two words that The Lord had been speaking to me about and those two words were, "American Pharaoh."  Now I know that we have all heard on the News of a horse that has that very name, "American Pharaoh" and that horse won the races set before it, yet that is not the "American Pharaoh" that we will eventually talk about.  But before we get to what The Master wants to clearly show us about "American Pharaoh" we must start with another Pharaoh that was in God's People's History.

     Father Abraham was 75 years old when he heard God say to him, "Go from your country, your people and your father's household to the land I will show you. 2 "I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. 3 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." (Genesis 12:1-3 (NIV))  So, Abraham obeys God and he and his family set out by faith to another Land and another life.  Along the way there is a great famine that strikes the Land and Abraham goes to Egypt.  "Now there was a famine in the land, and Abram went down to Egypt to live there for a while because the famine was severe." (Genesis 12:10 (NIV)) 

     Now, Abraham told his wife Sarai (later called Sarah) to tell the Egyptians that she was his sister instead of his wife because she was so beautiful that they would take her and kill him. 
(We do find in Genesis 20:12, that Sarai IS Abraham's sister and wife.  They shared the same father, but different mothers.) "When the palace officials saw her, they sang her praises to Pharaoh, their king, and Sarai was taken into his palace. 16 Then Pharaoh gave Abram many gifts because of her - sheep, goats, cattle, male and female donkeys, male and female servants, and camels. 17 But the Lord sent terrible plagues upon Pharaoh and his household because of Sarai, Abram's wife." (Genesis 12:15-17 (NLT)) Pharaoh sent Abraham and Sarah out of his Country of Egypt and they took all that Pharaoh had given them. (Genesis 12:20)    
1.) Abram (Abraham and Sarai (Sarah) = God's People
2.) Great Famine and Go To Egypt
3.) Comes Under Pharaoh, A King
4.) Terrible Plagues Come
5.) Abraham and Sarah Are Sent Out of Egypt With Great Possessions

    When Abraham and Father God entered a Blood Covenant Ceremony together (See Genesis 15), after the Ceremony, Father God tells Abraham something very significant.  "And [God] said to Abram, Know positively that your descendants will be strangers dwelling as temporary residents in a land that is not theirs [Egypt], and they will be slaves there and will be afflicted and oppressed for 400 years. [Fulfilled in Exod. 12:40.] 14 But I will bring judgment on that nation whom they will serve, and afterward they will come out with great possessions." (Genesis 15:13-14 (AMP))  Yet, we seen above that Abraham and Sarah were SENT OUT OF EGYPT!  How did God's People (Abraham's descendants) get back in Egypt as God said they would be slaves there?  Let's fast forward in History.

     We find in the Chapters of 37-50 in The Book of Genesis all about a Family that were indeed descendants of Abraham.  Jacob (later called "Israel" and Abraham's Grandson) and his family and their lives are all written about in these Chapters.  One of Jacob's sons, Joseph has a dream that he will one day have great leadership over his older brothers.  Joseph tells his brothers about his dream and they get furious with him and want to kill him.  They instead throw him into a pit, sell him to slavery and lie to their father and tell him Joseph is dead.  Many terrible things happen to Joseph throughout his life and yet, The Favor of The Lord is on him and with him and even though many hard things occur to Joseph, The Lord eventually raises him up as 2nd in Command in the palace of Pharaoh! (Not the same Pharaoh that took Sarah in his palace.) There is so much more in these Chapters, please take time to read and see God's Goodness!
     Joseph, (one of God's People) is living in the palace of Pharaoh and a famine happens again! Egypt, once again, is the Place that has food!  Jacob allows his sons to go to Egypt and ask for food for the family.  Joseph recognizes the sons and many wonderful things take place to restore his family!  One of which is that Jacob and Joseph are reunited.  But, before that happens in Genesis 45:16 we see, "The news soon reached Pharaoh's palace: "Joseph's brothers have arrived!"  Pharaoh and his officials were all delighted to hear this."  This Pharaoh was delighted to see God's People in his Land and he poured out possessions on them! (Genesis 45:19-23)  And yet one thing that this Pharaoh did that is crucial is that he told Joseph that he would give his family the very best land of Egypt!  "Then get your father and all of your families, and return here to me. I will give you the very best land in Egypt, and you will eat from the best that the land produces."" (Genesis 45:18 (NLT))  Jacob and all his family pack up and begin their journey to Egypt.  On their way, Jacob does something that prophetically is important to us in the Days we are living in.  "As the neared their destination, Jacob sent Judah ahead to meet Joseph and to get directions to the region of Goshen. And when they finally arrived there, 29 Joseph prepared his chariot and traveled to Goshen to meet his father, Jacob. When Joseph arrived, he embraced his father and wept, holding him for a long time." (Genesis 46:28-29 (NLT)) 
     We now find out that the place that God's People go to is Goshen.  Joseph tells his father Jacob to tell the Pharaoh that he and his People are "shepherds" and that they raise livestock.  "You shall say, Your servants' occupation has been as keepers of livestock from our youth until now, both we and our fathers before us - in order that you may live in the land of Goshen, for every shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians." (Genesis 46:34 (AMP))  It was very important for God's People to live in the Land of Goshen which is within the Nation of Egypt.  "Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, "Now that your father and brothers have joined you here, 6 choose any place in the entire land of Egypt for them to live. Give them the best land of Egypt. Let them live in the region of Goshen. And if any of them have special skills, put them in charge of my livestock, too." (Genesis 47:5-6 (NLT))  So, Jacob (Israel) and his whole family moved within the Nation of Egypt and in a separate Region called Goshen, that was the Best Land and Place to be within Egypt.    
1.) Joseph, Jacob and Family are God's People
2.) Great Famine, Must Go To Egypt
3.) Joseph Comes Under Pharaoh
4.) Possessions Given to Jacob (God's People) By Pharaoh
5.) The Best Land Is Given To God's People in Egypt (Goshen)

     As we already know Bible Teachers and Scholars have always used the Land of "Egypt" as a symbol to explain the sin of the World.  Egypt has been known throughout History as a Land of sin and therefore it has always been used in Teaching that the World is like "Egypt."  Now we also know that when God was telling Abraham that his descendants would be enslaved for 400 years in the Land of Egypt, we see how they got in the Nation of Egypt, by Joseph and his family.  Most of us have heard or read the Truth in The Word of God about what happened to God's People in the Land of Egypt as time passed. God's People were no longer celebrated that they lived in the Land of Egypt as time passed. God's People were no longer celebrated that they lived in the Land of Goshen within the Nation of Egypt, they through time, became a group of People that was thought to be under or beneath 
the Egyptians.  God's People became disrespected and feared for there was so many of them. (Exodus 1)  God's People were made slaves for Egypt.  "So the Egyptians worked the people of Israel  without mercy." (Exodus 1:13 (NLT))   
     The Hebrew Children were no longer allowed to do what they were told they could do when the Land of Goshen was given to them by the Pharaoh that Joseph served under. God's People were to shepherd the Land of Goshen and tend to the flocks, crops and herds. But the opinion about The Hebrew People (God's People) changed drastically. And how did that opinion of God's People change from "delighted" that they had come and were living in Egypt (The Land of Goshen) to an opinion of despise? The Bible tells us very clearly, "Then a new king, to whom Joseph meant nothing, came to power in Egypt." (Exodus 1:18 (NLT))  And we see it also, "Eventually, a new king came to power in Egypt who knew nothing about Joseph or what he had done. (Exodus 1:8 (NLT))
     There came a Pharaoh that with all of what Joseph and God's People had done or what they had meant to the blessing and even survival of Egypt, meant nothing to him.  This Pharaoh, instead of celebrating the People of God, chose to punish and abuse them and make them enemy number one!  So, what happens?  It is finally time for God to "rapture out" His People from Egypt.  And God sends His Messengers (Moses and Aaron) to tell the Pharaoh to "let His People go!"  This Pharaoh refuses and rebels against God.  And due to this Pharaoh's sin and rebellious heart, judgment comes in the form of plagues against the People of Egypt. (How this Pharaoh or King was different from the Pharaoh that Joseph served with!  Joseph's Pharaoh embraced God's People, this Pharaoh hated and abused God's People and God's Word to him!)  The Pharaoh rejected God's Will and Word and therefore set judgment in motion for his Land and the People in Egypt!
     Chapters 8-13 of Exodus tells of the plagues that came within the Land of Egypt due to their Pharaoh, King or Leader's refusal to obey God's Command and Word.  This Leader literally did what he wanted and wouldn't even listen to his officials that served him in his Leadership role.  There came into the Land of Egypt, on the ground, on the People, in their homes, on their fields, on the animals, etc. the plagues of all water turning to blood, frogs, gnats, flies, all livestock of Egypt dying, boils, hail, locusts, darkness (that you could feel) and the death of the firstborn.  Everything was gone and many people and animals did not make it through these plagues.  Yet, there is one thing that is amazing in all of this terrible destruction of a Nation . . . It didn't happen in the Land of Goshen and to God's People!  "But this time I will spare the region of Goshen, where my people live. No flies will be found there. Then you will know that I am the Lord and that I am present even in the heart of your land. 23 I will make a clear distinction between my people and your people. This miraculous sign will happen tomorrow."' (Exodus 8:22-23 (NLT))  And again, The Lord tells us how He separated His People in the Land of Goshen from the People of Egypt. (Exodus 9:4-7, 26) 
     God's People who lived in the Land of Goshen were protected by God, Himself!  They saw the "clear distinction" that God made between them and the People of Egypt.  And before God's People left Egypt and the Land of Goshen within Egypt, they experienced another amazing thing!  The wealth of the Egyptians were piled on and given to God's People!  "And the people of Israel did as Moses had instructed; they asked the Egyptians for clothing and articles of silver and gold. 36 The Lord caused the Egyptians to look favorably on the Israelites, and they gave the Israelites whatever they asked for. So they stripped the Egyptians of their wealth!" (Exodus 12:35-36 (NLT))  Hallelujah!  And before God's People exited Egypt, Moses had one more important thing to take place, and that was to carry the bones of Joseph out of the Land of Egypt and back to his homeland.  "Moses took the bones of Joseph with him because Joseph had made the Israelites swear an oath. He had said, "God will surely come to your aid, and then you must carry my bones up with you from this place." (Exodus 13:19 (NIV))  

1.) God's People Still in Goshen (Egypt)

2.) New Pharaoh Leads Who Doesn't Know Joseph

3.) God's People Are Seen As Enemies, Not Friends

4.) Terrible Plagues Come

5.) God Makes Distinction of Egypt and Goshen

6.) Joseph's Bones Are Carried Out of Egypt

7.) Possessions Given to (God's People)

8.) God's People Leave Egypt 


     As I began this Teaching I wrote that The Lord had spoke to my spirit two words to teach on and those two words were, "American Pharaoh."  On the week of the inauguration of President Obama's first term of office in 2008 it was prophetically read in Synagogues all over the World, for all Synagogues read in the same "assigned" places, "Now a new king arose over Egypt who did not know Joseph." (Exodus 1:8 (AMP))  Church, this being read all over the World by the Jewish People is not a coincidence!  (The word "coincidence" is not even a word in the Hebrew language!)  God wanted His People, all of us, to know that this "Pharaoh," "king," or "Leader," the new President of the United States, will be the like of the Pharaoh that God's People dealt with in The Book of Exodus.  Not the Pharaoh that Joseph served.

Barack Obama getting sworn in during his 2008 inauguration,
courtesy of Wikimedia.org.

     The Pharaoh that had come into Office when it was time for the Hebrew Children to exit Egypt did not know of Joseph and his People, Israel and it "meant nothing" to him to do so. "Then a new king, to whom Joseph meant nothing, came to power in Egypt." (Exodus 1:8 (NIV)) He did not know the history of God, Israel and Joseph's success and help in saving all of Egypt and again, it meant nothing to do so. So, dear Children of God, as we have been prophetically told by God in 2008 that the "Pharaoh" that we have in America now is the like of the "Pharaoh" that Moses and the Hebrew Children lived under, we can see so clearly why it is crucial that you and I live in the Land of Goshen again!      
     The Land of Goshen was a place that God's People stayed and lived in even though they were inside the Land of Egypt (The World.)  We, must live in the place with God, stay in the residence or dwelling or abode with God!  We must NOT live in the World (Egypt) and its ways!  We must DO what God says in His Word, not what the World says to do and what the World says is right!  You and I, like the Hebrew Children, may live in Egypt (the World) but we are to be separated out of Egypt (the World) JUST LIKE IN THE LAND OF GOSHEN!  The results of the rebellion of Egypt's (the World's) Pharaoh DID NOT COME ON THE PEOPLE LIVING IN GOSHEN!  The Hebrew Children of course, heard all that was going on in Egypt.  They could see the effects of the plagues on the people of Egypt (the World.)  When the wind would carry the stench of the decaying animals (the frogs, the locusts, the livestock) to Goshen, they knew that destruction was happening!  God's People could see the stripped bare crops in the fields all around the boundaries of Goshen.  And yet, they were not included, they were not involved with the results of rebellion that was going on around them!
     God's People were seen as enemies and not friends by the Pharaoh of Moses' day, we would call them now enemy number one.  That Pharaoh seen God's People as a threat.  He didn't like that they were so numerous and didn't like their (our) God or His Word or Laws.  The Word given by God to the Pharaoh was not respected and not followed.  We are witnessing our Leader and many that follow him do the same.  Lawlessness and rebellion is everywhere!  In America there may be disasters and calamities to come.  The sin that is being done within the Planet is truly making it convulse or heave.  "The land and the earth mourn and wither, the world languishes and withers, the high ones of the people [and the heavens with the earth] languish. 5 The land and the earth also are defiled by their inhabitants, because they have transgressed the laws, disregarded the statutes, and broken the everlasting covenant." (Isaiah 24:4-5 (AMP)) 

      And when Earth is convulsing from the sin within her, all the atmosphere changes.  Storms are created from the sky, from the sea and from the ground (tornadoes, hurricanes, dust storms, etc.)  We shall witness the roaring and the tossing of the sea, the storms from the enemy!  "And there will be strange signs in the sun, moon, and stars. And there on earth the nations will be in turmoil, perplexed by the roaring of the seas and strange tides. 26 People will be terrified at what they see coming upon the earth, for the powers in the heavens will be shaken." (Luke 21:25-26 (NLT))  

     Yes Beloved remember, Jesus SPOKE TO THE STORMS!  ". . . He got up and rebuked the wind and the raging waters; the storm subsided, and all was calm" (Luke 8:24 (NIV))  If Jesus was the cause or author of the storms He wouldn't have sent it away.  He wouldn't have REBUKED THEM!  We REBUKE THE DEVIL!  SO, WHO IS BEHIND THE STORMS?  THE ONE WE ARE TOLD TO REBUKE . . . THE DEVIL!  We CAN NEVER FORGET John 10:10!  "The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance  (to the full, till it overflows)."       



     The land of Goshen is also a place for shepherdingIt is a place where God's People raise a flock or herd to eat of the Land of Goshen, to live in the Land of Goshen and to be protected, thrive and be blessed in the Land of Goshen!  In order for you and I to stay in this Land of Goshen in our Days that we are in, we must seek out men and women who ONLY live and teach other BY THE WORD OF GOD!  We must submit ourselves to the Authority that God has given Ministers who will not compromise The Word or compromise THE TRUTH in ANY WAY!  We must allow God to minister to us through the men and women of God that are not swayed by the World (Egypt) or the American Pharaoh that is in office!  To live and stay in the Land of Goshen, one MUST follow the Shepherds (Ministers) that He has placed in the Land of Goshen to instruct us HOW TO STAY WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF GOD, HIS WORD and therefore, we are then allowed to live in this separated out and set apart place with God . . . called the Land of Goshen!  For, we see in Genesis 46:28 (NLT), "As they neared their destination, Jacob sent Judah ahead to meet Joseph and to get directions to the region of Goshen. . .How do you get to Goshen?  How do I and my family stay in the Land of Goshen?  Give me the directions on how to maintain and be blessed in the Land of Goshen!

     The Land of Goshen is for shepherding ONLY!  You must run to, be willing to be shepherded by, raised up and stay within the boundaries of God, His Word and His Shepherds of Goshen - there's no other way!  In order to truly be awarded the benefits of the Land of Goshen in these Last Days, you must settle this in your life!  You cannot live some in Egypt (the World) and some in Goshen - it doesn't work that way!  You cannot live on the boundary lines of Egypt (the World) and in the Land of Goshen!  YOU ARE EITHER IN GOSHEN OR EGYPT - YOU CHOOSE!  And don't forget that, ". . . for every shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians." (Genesis 46:34 (AMP)) 

      If you live in Goshen, you will not be liked or treasured by the people who choose to live in Egypt (the World.)  When living in the Land of Goshen, God's People are set apart and follow The Lord's Ways and Word and this stand will make you and I detestable to the people of Egypt (the World!)  Our living by The Word of God ONLY will be "an abomination to the Egyptians (people of the World.)  As we are already beginning to witness what is WRONG being made a law now, that it is RIGHT.  Yet, we know the outcome to all of this . . . we are protected in the Land of Goshen . . . we are blessed and wonderfully provided for in the Land of Goshen . . . and we are delivered in the Land of Goshen!  Praise The King of all kings, King Jesus!

     And yet, before we leave in our Rapture from Egypt (the World,) there will be great wealth and possessions that will be handed over to us from those in Egypt too!  Just like it happened as Abraham and Sarah were sent out of Egypt and Moses and the Hebrew Children were sent out of Egypt!  " . . . And the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous." (Proverbs 13:22 (NLT))  THE GREAT WEALTH TRANSFER!  The Time for this TRANSFER IS NOW, CHURCH!  Get your hearts and minds and lives in order with God so that you are permitted to handle this wealth for The Kingdom of God!  The Lord looks at the heart and He knows who He can trust with this!
       Yet, let us not forget the awesome thing of all, that GOD'S PEOPLE WERE RAPTURED OUT OF EGYPT . . . AND SO WILL WE CHURCH! We shall be raptured out of the World (Egypt!) When EVERYTHING had come to a climax of rebellion in Egypt (the World,) God removed His People from it all! And that is what you and I are witnessing right now! Sin, lawlessness and rebellion is rising in the World (Egypt) and we are living in the Time that God will separate out and then remove His People again! The dead in Christ will rise first and then those of us who still remain will shortly follow them. (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18) (Remember Church, Joseph's bones were carried out of Egypt when God's People left and the same will happen again, the dead in Christ will rise and be carried out of Egypt (the World) too! Hallelujah!
     Don't allow your heart to grow cold and move away from God and His Word, run to the Land of Goshen!  Do what God says in His Word!  If He says something is wrong . . . THEN IT IS FOREVER!  Follow God, not man!  Follow God not the culture!  Don't go along with those who stand for what The Bible says is wrong!  Stand for Truth and stand for Jesus and His Ways!  Moses and Aaron had to stand in the face of Pharaoh and tell him what God said!  And we now Church need to stand up against Pharaoh again and say and stand for what God says!  This is The Church's finest hour!  If you are away from God in any way or measure, begin by repenting and being truthful with God about your life!  It's not too late to begin your journey in living in the Land of Goshen friend!  Believe with all your heart and confess your sins and pray this prayer before Jesus!

Lord, Jesus please forgive me of all the wrong and sin I've done and for living without You. Come into my life and save me, I make You Jesus, The Lord of my life! I make You my Boss and I will follow You all of my days. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit and do something with my life Lord in Jesus Name!

     If You Surrendered Your Life To Jesus, Please Let Us Know Here At The Ministry and We Will Send You Some Resources To Get You On Your Way With Your Walk With The Lord For Free!  And if you cannot get yourself a Study Bible, please let us know and we will send you one Free and postage paid.  Welcome To The Family!  You just made the most important decision of your life!  We Love You So Very Much!  Pay Attention to the Signs of these Last Days and tell others there is a Place that they can live within . . . . the wonderful Place called The Land of Goshen!  Until next Month,
                                               Keep Getting Ready, Jesus Is Coming!
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