Jamie Carte has been given a special Gift from
God. This Gift is not something that Jamie or Dewayne takes likely.  Through a Prophetic Gifting, Anointed Preaching and Teaching of the Word of God, Evangelist, Author and Bible Teacher Jamie Carte is able to reach the lost and teach the Bride of Christ to prepare for the return of The Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.
Jamie's testimony of how Jesus brought her through many difficult times of drinking, drug abuse, the experience of abortion, and Jesus healing her of a life threatening incurable disease breaks the bonds of captivity in many lives!  In her past, Jamie has experienced many “rescues” by her Lord and this has conditioned her to become an authority on freedom that she just cannot keep to herself!
The Bride and The Blood Covenant Ceremony” took
over ten years to be birthed!  The study and research that each person will hold in their hands within this book, is truly a part of Jamie.  With over twenty years of Ministry experience, Jamie Carte Ministries reaches out through Television Broadcasts, Free DVD and CD Teachings, Distribution of Free Bibles Worldwide, Internet Ministry with Daily Devotions sent via e-mail and social networking all over the World, Evangelistic Meetings, Publications and Outreaches to those in need.

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