On Monday, 25 February 2013, The Lord Gave Jamie A Word For The Bride Of Christ.  Powerful Still Today!
"Keep God and The Kingdom on your mind!  For when the Kingdom of Darkness increases, you must stay focused on God's Kingdom that you are operating within while here on Earth.
  And how will you defeat the Kingdom of this World is through the renewing of your mind.  You must stay in focus of what you are allowing yourself to think about.  Control your thoughts or they will control your life, your walk and your destiny. 
There is no one greater in this war to Me, than you!  Choose to think as I did when I walked the Earth.  Yes, the very things I tell you today are the things I operated in when I was there.
  When opposition comes, and it will, you must learn this trait.  You must learn this and Master it!  Your mind and your thoughts will be what will win the fights and war to come.  For, as you are transforming from the inside, you will transform the environment around you. 
Do not be afraid and do not waver, My Child.  Greater are you, for I live inside of you, than he that rules this World.  You've got the answers; all of them are inside of you . . . . Develop "The ME" in you!  Develop HOW TO control your mind.  And in doing so, you will develop your victories and desires.
 Hold on to Me and My Word! . . .
 You Are Dearly Loved Bride of Christ!