We have some exciting news to share with you!  In the month of June, The Lord started speaking to us, "Mahanaim."  He told us this Word several times.  After research of this Word we have found that it means "two camps."  We sought The Master earnestly and as we did He uncovered His Plan.  The Lord has asked us to begin two Churches.  He specifically spoke to us to begin one in the Mountains and one by the Sea.  And even more specifically, the one by the Ocean will be in the Wilmington, NC area.  We have accepted His Request.  
     We are having Services in our home in West Virginia until we have a place to move to.  As many of you know, we are personally debt free and we maintain JCM to be debt free also.  So, everything that The Lord is asking us to do IS A FAITH PROJECT.  We have leased an apartment in Wilmington, NC and have moved into it already.  We will be traveling back and forth from West Virginia to North Carolina to make this happen.  We will not be using any Seeds sown into JCM to pay for our apartment in North Carolina as we get started so that all monies that are sown into JCM are for the Ministries, Outreaches and Churches only.  We will be paying personally for our apartment that we have leased in North Carolina.  Our lease and utilities for the apartment in North Carolina will be our personal Seed into the Land that The Lord is sending us to.  We tell you this so that you will know that your Seeds will go directly to the works under JCM.
     So, we are believing by faith for all provision for this Assignment personally and still yet, believing by faith for land, buildings, chairs, sound equipment, EVERYTHING to do this for The Lord and the People that He is wanting to reach.  This truly is a labor of Love for Him and it's our honor to do this for Him!  We keep saying to The Lord, "Thank You For Thinking Of Us To Do This, Lord!" 
     We will continue ministering in the various areas that we do now.  We will continue doing Television Ministry (we will be Broadcasting our TV Program in Wilmington, NC), Internet Devotions, Free DVD, CD and Bible Distributions, weekly Discipleship and now in addition, we will be Pastoring the Churches.  Jamie is also working on her 2nd Book.  
     We are asking you to pray for us and JCM.  And we are asking you to pray and ask Father God if you're to play a special part of this Assignment of The Lord and what that part would be.  He knows.  We commit to you to continue to oversee JCM and "Under Shepherd" under THE Shepherd, Jesus, the flocks He is assigning us to, with the same commitment to The Upcompromising Word of God and Integrity that we have always done.
     We Love You and we are praying and speaking The Word of God over you and your families daily and will continue to do so.  And thank you so much for praying for us and asking The Father what special part you play in this Assignment.  We are excited about our future and what God has in store for us and you!