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   "Once A Lifetime . . . This TIME We Cannot Miss, Church!"

“And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the Gospel) to every creature [of the whole human race].” Mark 16:15 (AMPC)



     This Month's Teaching Letter can be one of the most encouraging Words that you will read . . . if you have ears to hear and eyes to see what The Lord is saying to all of us as The Body of Christ!  I mean really exciting News!  And I venture to say that most of The Church does not even know that The Time of Year that we are living in is prophetically and wonderfully given to us for our Blessing!  TIME and its importance will be a topic for us this Month, and oh, what a Time it is for us, Church!  Let's begin with something that we learned about at the end of 2015.  We must understand this one Truth, to understand how wonderful this for some, Once-In-A-Lifetime, Time really is! 

The "Shemitah" Began The

Time Clock!

"Shemitah," literally means: “to release” or "The Year of Release"



     We have to realize how significant the Shemitah was in 2015!  Just to overview, the Shemitah happens every seven (7) years.  You were to work your land for six (6) years and then on the seventh (7th) year, you were not to farm your land and you would let it rest.  God promised that He would provide SO MUCH in the sixth (6th) year, that it would not even be necessary to farm on the 7th year.  The seven year cycle is referred to as "Shemitah."  This seven year Biblical commandment from God, called "Shemitah" was a matter for God 's People to have faith that God would provide for a whole year (the 7th) for them and their families.  The people were to trust God and not themselves for provision.  And the time of “Shemitah” was set apart as a time for God's People to take time to rest in The Lord and stay focused on Him and His Word and to take this time to get closer with God.  For, there was no need to grow food for yourselves, families or people that worked for you or domestic animals that you owned.  Not even the wild animals in your land would be without food!  God would provide for all on the “Shemitah” year! (Leviticus 25)
 vegetables in the market
     Of course, if you have had teaching on the "Shemitah" you are very aware that terrible events in Nations have happened on former "Shemitahs," including in our Country!  Yet, "Shemitah" can be a very wonderful time for those who are walking with The Lord and are living in obedience to Him and His Word!  Results of “Shemitah” really are reflected on how a Nation is in its dedication and commitment to God.  If the Nation is following The Lord and His Word, blessings come to that Nation and Her People.  If a Nation is rejecting The Lord and His Word, judgment may come.  Past examples of terrible tragedies that happened at “Shemitah” for the United States was when the Islamic terror attack happened on  "911."  And because of this horrendous act against the U.S. and Her People, the Stock Market had one of its greatest point losses in its History, causing great damage in our Nation in so many ways!  


     Another terrible event in the U.S. that happened during the next year of Shemitah was seven years later on 29 September 2008 (this is by the Jewish Calendar), the Stock Market would plummet again causing so much damage and so much loss in our Nation and the Nation’s Economy that it still has not regained from that loss.  We have just ended the seven year cycle of a “Shemitah” in 2015!  The last day of the “Shemitah” Year that we just finished was on Sunday, 13 September 2015, on the Jewish Calendar.       


      If you have followed Jamie Carte Ministries for any amount of time you know that it has been taught that we have a Gregorian Calendar which is used on the Western side of the World, of course, but our eyes and hearts should also be fixed on God's Calendar, which is a Jewish Calendar!  We "go by" both of these Calendars to KNOW WHAT TIME IT REALLY IS IN THE EARTH!  You may be thinking, "What is the Big Deal, Jamie!  Why do I need to know what Time it is on God's Calendar?"  Well, there are many answers I could give you to answer that question!  Mostly, you and I should know and be aware of the TIME of God because VERY BIG THINGS HAPPEN ON and IN GOD'S TIMES!  Just for one example, Jesus suffered a horrendous death and great anguish for the World on one of God's appointed Times on His Calendar . . . on The Feast of Passover.  ON THE FEAST OF PASSOVER, WHICH BEGAN ON A SUNDOWN, ON THE FIRST DAY OF PASSOVER WHICH IS ON GOD'S CALENDAR, IS WHEN JESUS BEGAN THE PAYMENT FOR OUR SINS!  


    At Sundown on the first day of Passover (which is called The Day of Preparation in The Bible) is when the Passover Meal occurred, which we call "The Lord's Supper."   What this Meal really was, was the Passover Meal to which Jesus was letting His Disciples then and now know that He was entering into a Blood Covenant with them and us.  And The Covenant "steps" would begin right then at that Sundown (evening) on the first day of Passover and then continue through the night and through the next day.  Then He would go to Gethsemane and make the very hard decision to obey The Father and lay down His life for many.  He would be beaten, mocked, go through illegal trials through the night, be wrongfully accused, be flogged unto almost death and finally after a long walk out of the City of Jerusalem with a cross, his body was finally nailed to two pieces of wood and put on display for everyone to see . . . WHEN?  ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE FEAST OF PASSOVER!  Father God's First Born laid down His Life and Complete All for Mankind ON A SPECIFIC DAY and A SPECIFIC TIME IN HISTORY!  No, not just on any day of the year, IT WAS ON A PURPOSEFUL AND CORRECT TIME - it was on GOD'S TIME and GOD'S TIMETABLE!  I have to stop and address this right here . . .
Do you know why you celebrate "Easter" when you do every year?   And do you know what "Easter" really means?  Why are rabbits and eggs such a HUGE PART of "Easter?"  What does that have to do with Jesus' Sacrifice?
     The Jewish Calendar was given to man by God.  So, our Calendar here in America is different.  In the year of 325 A.D. a Roman Emperor name Constantine was in rulership.  He hated the Jews and their observance of The Feasts of God.  He did claim to observe Jesus' sacrifice, but hated the Jews (which Jesus was one of) and he wanted nothing to do with them and God's Holy Times.  He saw how the Jews celebrated all their Feasts and Festivals and he also saw how the people would always be so particularly blessed and prosperous when giving to their God Jehovah at the Feasts.  He saw that when the people would give their offerings during these Feasts, it seemed that the people would even become more increased, more favored and more protected. 

      So, Constantine decided to remove the Feasts and create his own Calendar of time and he ordered the Jewish People not to celebrate their Feasts.  He developed with others living at that time, the Gregorian Calendar.  He felt that this would remove these special "holidays" and blessings from God's People.  And for a while his change of the Calendar of God did keep The People of God from their Holy Feasts.  Then, the Gregorian Calendar "stuck" and moved to the Western World, which is what we go by here.  Constantine also decided to "re-name" the "holiday" that people observed Jesus' sacrifice on to "Easter."  Constantine got the name "Easter" from a Babylonian goddess, "Ishtra" who he followed and who was sacrificed to in April (which was near Passover.)  She was known as a goddess of FERTILITY.  That is where the rabbits and the eggs tradition originated from in "Easter."  Rabbits are known for their rapid reproduction and of course, eggs represent reproduction too!  This all came from the "root" of this goddess of fertility, "Ishtra" or "Easter" that was worshiped near Passover!  This has NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR SAVIOR'S CRUCIFIXION AND SUFFERING!  What is The Church, The Body of Jesus Christ doing?

     Constantine also wanted "Easter" to be held on a Sunday which would bring more convenience.  Of course, The Feast of Passover comes on the Jewish Calendar at different days, but always in the months of March or April.  This year of 2016, The Feast of Passover begins at Sundown on Friday, 22 April 2016. 
Constantine decided that "Easter" would be held on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the vernal equinox at the closest date to the 21st of March.  So, that is how the date of  "Easter" comes about every year STILL TO THIS DAY! 
It is extraordinary to me that The Church celebrates our Savior's Passion, Sacrifice and Resurrection for us on a Sunday determined by what full moon is closest to the 21st of March . . . and The Church calls it "Easter" after the name of a fertility goddess . . . and the Church has "Easter Egg" hunts at our Churches with a person dressed in a costume as the "Easter Bunny" to which an EGG and BUNNY are symbols of fertility which is identified by the Holiday named after the fertility goddess, "Ishtra" or what we call her, "Easter!"  When you know the Truth, it is Unbelievable!

     And all the while, Father God has already established WHEN WE ARE TO REMEMBER WHAT JESUS DID FOR THE WORLD!  Father God has ALWAYS HAD IT ON HIS CALENDAR!  And the Perfect Time that God's People are to remember what The Lamb did for us is on Passover and it is perfectly placed on God's Timetable on His Calendar, every year!
     Even though one can find the word, "Easter" in the King James Version of the Bible in Acts 12:4, the word "Easter" was never used in the original Scriptures.  Let's look at those Scriptures:  

And because he saw it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to take Peter also. (Then were the days of unleavened bread.) 4 And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people. 5 Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him.” (Acts 12:3-5 (KJV))  




     When looking at the translation of the King James Version, WHICH WE HAVE TO REMEMBER IS A TRANSLATIONThe HEBREW IS WHAT IS PUREST and IS WHOLLY CORRECT The King James Translation in verse 3 of Acts 12 began correctly by referring to the time that all of this was happening to Peter and The Church by it being, "the days of unleavened bread."  Friend, "Then were the days of unleavened bread" in verse 3, was properly stating the Feast of Passover and/or The Feast of Unleavened Bread, which is what should have been placed in the King James Version and later in the 21st Century King James Version of The Bible!  The Feast of Unleavened Bread or The Passover is the TRUE name of The Feast of God.  Then in verse 4, the translators of the King James decided to use the word/name "Easter" instead of using the correct name of The Feast of God!  Again, the translators identified the TIME correctly in verse 3, BUT NOT IN VERSE 4!  It was Passover Season, not an "Easter" Season!  The Days of Passover or Unleavened Bread is the TIME that they were in when this was happening to Peter and The Early Church (as The Bible already stated in verse 3!)  When you look up Acts 12:3-5 in other translations you will find that The Feast of Unleavened Bread or Passover is the words used not "Easter!"  Peter and all the Christians would have been recognizing their Savior's Death, Burial and Resurrection at that TIME of Passover!  The term "Easter" did not come into existence until 325 A.D. and changed by Constantine to the term "Easter" after the fertility goddess that he worshiped!  Peter and the other Christians would not have been referring to the Time of Passover or Unleavened Bread as "Easter!"  The Lord, nor The Holy Spirit would have NEVER used the word/name "Easter!"  Again, because the word "Easter" is the name of a fertility goddess that was worshiped!
     Please hear my heart, I UNDERSTAND why you celebrate "Good Friday" and "Easter!"  It is to remember all that Jesus did throughout His Sacrifice for us.  And setting aside every year a Time to celebrate Him and worship Him is EXACTLY what we are to do!  We ARE to have a special Time that is set apart to remember Him and observe Him as our Lord and Savior and The Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the World! - WE ARE JUST DOING IT AT THE WRONG TIME!  And The Church is allowing the Traditions of Man and the symbols associated with a fertility goddess, "Ishtra," or "Easter" to be incorporated within our Holy Time with our King!  At the beginning of this year of 2016, The Lord spoke this Word to me which we have wrote to you about:

"For you have done Church the way you have wanted long enough!  It is My Time, it is Their Time to see and experience ME like never before!  It is Time for the Outpouring that I have promised so many years ago.  It will be simple.  It will be dynamic and explosive and the most exhilarating thing you can imagine, thus saith The Lord!"  "Come and join Me.  For, I will make you TRUE Fishers of Men!  There's nothing like it in this World!  Come be a part of what I'm doing, saith The Lord! 
     The Master is telling us, "For you have done Church the way you have wanted long enough!  It is My Time, it is Their Time to see and experience ME like never before!"  Church, this example of celebrating what Jesus did on The Feast of Passover at a man made holiday called "Easter" which again, is a fertility goddess (eggs and rabbits,) is one of the things that The Master is talking to us about!  We have been, "doing Church the way" we "have wanted long enough!"  He said, "It is My Time" - we are to do things on HIS TIME!  Passover is the Time to celebrate The King of The Jews, The Lamb of God and His Sacrifice and Resurrection for us . . . NOT "EASTER!"  It is Time for The Church of Jesus, The Christ to finally DO CHURCH the WAY and the TIME of The King!  It is Time for The Church to "do church" in His Timing!  He said, "It is My Time!"  Let's do things in His Way and in His Time!  Remember, this is the year of "16" which means "ESTABLISHED - NEW BEGINNINGS."  Passover has been ESTABLISHED since the days of Moses and the Hebrew Children!  Father God CHOSE THE FEAST OF PASSOVER for His Son to die on!  Who are we to change that Church!  Passover has been ESTABLISHED for a very long Time - IT'S TIME FOR A NEW BEGINNING BODY OF CHRIST OF WHEN AND HOW WE CELEBRATE AND REMEMBER WHAT JESUS DID FOR US!  Hallelujah!

The Opportunity of A Lifetime

Is  NOW!


     Now, with just this one example that I have written about that has to do with specifically GOD'S TIME and knowing and obeying His Timetable in the Earth, there is something else that is EXTRAORDINARY and we HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT IT!  THIS IS HUGE, CHURCH!  And this is ANOTHER REASON why it is imperative that we are following God's Calendar!  Yes, we live in the Western part of the World and go by the Gregorian Calendar, BUT GOD'S TIMETABLE IS BY HIS CALENDAR and we still have to or should I say SHOULD live by it TOO!  IT'S OUR CHOICE!  I began this Monthly Teaching Letter by telling you about the "Shemitah" and the last day of the "Shemitah" Year was on Sunday, 13 September 2015, on the Jewish Calendar.  What was so significant about that "Shemitah" that ended in September of 2015 was that it was A SPECIAL "Shemitah!"  It was a SEVENTH "Shemitah."  Which means it was the SEVENTH (7TH), (7x7) "Shemitahs."  Which equals (7 years x 7 years = 49 Years!)  The Bible explains it to us:  

"And you shall number seven sabbaths or weeks of years for you, seven times seven years, so the total time of the seven weeks of years shall be forty-nine years.  9 Then you shall sound abroad the loud trumpet on the tenth day of the seventh month [almost October]; on the Day of Atonement blow the trumpet in all your land.  10 And you shall hallow the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you; . . ."  (Leviticus 25:8-10 (AMPC))




       The Year of Jubilee was officially announced and the shofar or trumpet sounded on Wednesday, 23 September 2015 in Israel!  This was the Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur on the Jewish Calendar and is the Highest and Holiest Day to God!  BIG EVENTS HAPPEN DURING THESE BIBLICAL TIMES and even in Modern Times, that's why we have to go by God's Timetable!  We are SO BLESSED to be living in this Time in History!  Most people never live to see The Year of Jubilee, especially when it is being practiced in the Nation of Israel again!  And remember, Israel was not a Nation again until 1948 and regained control of the Holy Land of Jerusalem in 1967 (which was also the Time of another 49th year Shemitah and Jubilee also!)  Israel for the first time since before the Second Temple was destroyed has exercised The "Shemitah" according to Scripture and NOW WE'RE IN The Year of Jubilee and we get to live and see it! 

Thousands of people arrived hours before the start of Hakhel at the Western Wall, September 30, 2015. (Photo: Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz/ Breaking Israel News)


      Then to make a formal announcement and to follow The Bible's additional Instructions of what to do on a Jubilee, and WHEN TO DO IT, it was in Jerusalem at the Western Wall that the Torah was read at a Ceremony that was planned after "The Year of Release" which again is also called "Shemitah" during The Festival of Sukkoth or The Feast of Tabernacles in 2015.  "At the end of each seven years . . . on the festival of Sukkoth, after the year of release, in the place He (God) will choose, you must read this Torah before all Israel, so that they will be able to hear it." (Deuteronomy 31:10)  Israel as a Nation planned to observe the "Shemitah" for the first time since before the devastation and finishing of Israel as a Nation and the destruction of Her Temple in 70 A.D.!  Making the "Shemitah" observed by Israel in 2015, the first in over 1,945 years!  Again, we must realize that what is crucial for us all to understand is that the "Shemitah" ENDING IN 2015, ALSO MARKED THE BEGINNING OF WHAT IS KNOWN BIBLICALLY AS, "The Year of Jubilee."  Fifty (50) means the word "Jubilee."  AGAIN, WE ARE NOW IN THE YEAR OF JUBILEE, CHURCH!  And just like it is IN EVERY ESTABLISHED TIME OF GOD and HIS TIMETABLE, THE YEAR OF JUBILEE IS SO, SO IMPORTANT FOR US TO KNOW ABOUT and THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME THAT IS WITHIN IT!  In The Year of Jubilee (50) The Bible says that God’s People can receive the following!  (Deuteronomy 15, Leviticus 25) 
1.)  All debt is canceled!  2.)  All captivity is set free!  3.)  Land goes to its original owners!  4.)  Anything that has been taken or stolen is returned in Jesus Name! 
     Read that again!  Yes, Church You Can Have These Things In Your Life!  It is the TIME for Jubilee!  Yet, only the ones who KNOW what TIME it is on God's Timetable and who are believing and receiving by faith for these incredible things that we can have as God's People will receive them!  We have to know the TIME that God's put in place for us to get back what belongs to us!  Knowing God's TIMETABLE, knowing God's Calendar and FOLLOWING God's TIME is so important for us Church!  Father God has always had opportunities and TIMES of His Calendar that His People (Jews and Christians) were to observe!  His Calendar and TIMES NEVER CHANGED!  No, His People began to combine "things" into their own Celebrations (like "Easter Bunnies" and "Easter Eggs") and literally moved His TIMES on His Calendar and the result of us doing this . . . is that we are MISSING TIMES OF GOD THAT ENTITLES US TO THINGS WE ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE AND ENJOY!  THE DEVIL HAS PULLED ONE OVER ON GOD'S PEOPLE AGAIN! . . . Debt cancellation!  Captivity in our families, friends and in our own lives, SET FREE!  Land coming into us!  Anything that the devil has taken or stolen RETURNED BACK TO US! . . . The TIME of JUBILEE is RIGHT NOW!  GET WITH GOD and HIS TIME, Church! 


       And you may be thinking, Jamie, that was "Old Testament."  Well, let's look at what Jesus said about Jubilee!  He had just left being in the wilderness and being on a fast and being tempted by the devil . . . And Jesus won, by the way!  Then He travels to His hometown of Nazareth and goes to the Synagogue and He is asked to read from The Scriptures.  The Scroll of Isaiah is handed to Him and He reads from Isaiah 61:1-2. "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, Because he anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor:  He hath sent me to proclaim release to the captives, And recovering of sight to the blind, To set at liberty them that are bruised, 19 To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord." Luke 1:18-19 (ASV)  "To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord" MEANS THE YEAR OF JUBILEE!  In The Voice Translation it states in verse 19, "the Spirit is upon Me to proclaim that now is the time; this is the jubilee season of the Eternal One's grace."  The "Acceptable Year of The Lord" IS ALSO CALLED The Year of Jubilee!  Jesus was announcing that He would be preaching Himself, about Jubilee and The TIME of RELEASE!  It was the TIME for Liberty!  It was the TIME of Freedom!  AND IT IS JUBILEE AGAIN!  IT IS GOD'S TIME AGAIN!  All Debt Canceled!  All Captivity SET FREE!  ANYTHING that has been taken or stolen is RETURNED!  And land comes to it's original owners!  That is Jubilee!  And JUBILEE is NOW on God's TIME and for His People!  This is the opportunity of our Lifetimes!  Don't miss this, Beloved of God!
     Yet, even more important than all of this is WHERE ARE YOU WITH FATHER GOD?  If you are away from Him or have never surrendered to Him, it is TIME to get this right with The Lord!  Believe with all your heart and speak with your mouth this prayer and surrender your life to The Lord right now!  This is your TIME!
"Jesus, I 'm coming to You for I am tired of trying to do life without you.  I surrender to You, Father!  Please forgive me of all of the wrong that I've done, come into my life and save me.  I decide to make You, Jesus The Lord and Master of my life.  Do something with my life.  I'm yours!  Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit and Power in Jesus name, Amen!"  
     If you said those words and meant them with all your heart, you are Born Again and in right standing with God!  Let us know here at JCM, we want to rejoice with you and send you some FREE RESOURCES to help you get started or re-started with your walk with God!  What an exciting TIME of God we are living in!  WOW!  The Year of Jubilee is right now on God's Calendar!  And it is FOR US, People of God!  Let's do this!  Until next month . . .
                                                                               Keep Getting Ready, Jesus Is Coming!

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(Deuteronomy 16:16-17)



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