“. . . For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.” Rev. 19:7

 Getting Ready!

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"The ADVANTAGE Of  This Year!"



Glory To God!  What a Word from The Master we have!  Thank you Covenant Partners and Friends for what YOU ARE DOING through this Ministry to teach others TRUTH with the Uncompromising Word of God.  YOU Are DOING THIS!  Thank you so, so much!  Let’s get right to it, Church!

The word, “ADVANTAGE” means a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position.  The opportunity to gain something; benefit or profit.  A favorable or desirable circumstance or feature;  To have the edge, lead, head, control, authority, gain, well-being, aid, assistance, purpose, utility, service, value, reward, merit, asset, plus, bonus, blessing, virtue, privilege, perk, fringe benefit.


When reading a definition it can be easy to overlook some of the words that the word you are defining has in its description.  Let’s do this together.  TO HAVE THE ADVANTAGE is when there is a “condition or circumstance” that is put in place that helps a particular group of people have a more “favorable” outcome and gives them the ability “to gain something” when others will not.  TO HAVE THE ADVANTAGE means that a circumstance or a condition changes FOR SOMEONE’S GOOD.  It gives them the “edge” over others to “aid” and “assist” them to obtain “assets,” “bonuses,” “blessings,” “privileges,” “perks” and “benefits” that others will not get due to THE ADVANTAGE that they have!  To have the ADVANTAGE is Wonderful! 

 Now, why would I entitle this Teaching, “The ADVANTAGE Of This Year?”  For the past few Months we have ministered to you from The Word that The Lord gave us on this Year of “19.”  The Lord said, “2019 Is The Year Of Persuasion!”  And so we have been on a journey with The Lord on His Heart on what He is saying to us as His Body.  This is ENORMOUS what The Lord has been communicating and is still communicating.  And this Month is vital for us to see, hear and understand from Him!  “But blessed are your eyes, because they see; and your ears, because they hear.” Matthew 13:16 (NLT)

          We must keep in mind that numbers mean words in the Hebrew language and words means numbers.  NUMBERS ARE A WAY OF COMMUNICATION between God and His People!  Just look at the Book of Revelation and all of its numbers of "12." 


One Persuasion Versus Another


The 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is kof which literally means, “the back of the head.”  The Cambridge Dictionary online defines, "the back of your head" to mean AS IF SOMETHING IS AT/IN THE BACK OF YOUR MIND.