The American Pharaoh

& The Land Of Goshen



     The Lord began speaking to my spirit two words that set me on a journey of research in The Bible and in Bible History.  Those two words were "American Pharaoh."  Little did I know then that what The Holy Spirit would uncover would tell us all as The Body of Christ, "what" and "who" we are dealing with and now living among. 
     On the week of the inauguration of President Obama’s first term of office in 2008 it was prophetically read in Synagogues all over the World, for all Synagogues read in the same “assigned” places, "Now, a new king arose over Egypt who did not know Joseph." (Exodus 1:8 (AMPC))  Church, this being read all over the World by the Jewish People is not a coincidence!  (The word "coincidence" is not even a word in the Hebrew language!)  God wanted His People, all of us, to know that this "Pharaoh," "king," or "Leader," the new President of the United States, will be the like of the Pharaoh that God's People dealt with in The Book of Exodus.  Not the Pharaoh that Joseph served. The Pharaoh that had come into Office when it was time for the Hebrew Children to exit Egypt did not know of Joseph and his People, Israel and it "meant nothing" to him to do so.  "Then a new king, to whom Joseph meant nothing, came to power in Egypt." (Exodus 1:8 (NIV))  He did not know the history of God, Israel and Joseph’s success and help in saving all of Egypt and again, it meant nothing to him to do so.  So, dear Children of God, as we have been prophetically told by God in 2008 that the "Pharaoh" that we have in America now is the like of the "Pharaoh" that Moses and the Hebrew Children lived under, we can see so clearly why it is crucial that you and I live in the land of Goshen again!
     The Land of Goshen was a place that God's People stayed and lived in even though they were inside the Land of Egypt (The World.)  We, must live in the place with God, stay in the residence or dwelling or abode with God!  We must NOT live in the World (Egypt) and its ways!  We must DO what God says in His Word, not what the World says to do and what the World says is right!  You and I, like the Hebrew Children, may live in Egypt (the World) but we are to be separated out of Egypt (the World) JUST LIKE IN THE LAND OF GOSHEN! 
     The Land of Goshen is also a place for shepherding!  It is a place where God's People raise a flock or herd to eat of the Land of Goshen, to live in the Land of Goshen and to be protected, thrive and be blessed in the Land of Goshen!  In order for you and I to stay in this Land of Goshen in our Days that we are in, we must seek out men and women who ONLY live and teach others BY THE WORD OF GOD!  We must submit ourselves to the Authority that God has given Ministers who will not compromise The Word or compromise THE TRUTH in ANY WAY!  We must allow God to minister to us through the men and women of God that are not swayed by the World (Egypt) or the American Pharaoh that is in office!  To live and stay in the Land of Goshen, one MUST follow the Shepherds (Ministers) that He has placed in the Land of Goshen to instruct us HOW TO STAY WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF GOD, HIS WORD and therefore, we are then allowed to live in this separated out and set apart place with God . . . called the Land of Goshen!  


The Land of Goshen is for shepherding ONLY!  You must run to, be willing to be shepherded by, raised up and stay within the boundaries of God, His Word and His Shepherds of Goshen - there's no other way!  In order to truly be awarded the benefits of the Land of Goshen in these Last Days, you must settle this in your life!  You cannot live some in Egypt (the World) and some in Goshen - it doesn't work that way!  You cannot live on the boundary lines of Egypt (the World) and in the Land of Goshen!  YOU ARE EITHER IN GOSHEN OR EGYPT - YOU CHOOSE!  And don't forget that, ". . . for every shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians." (Genesis 46:34 (AMP))  If you live in Goshen, you will not be liked or treasured by the people who choose to live in Egypt (the World.)  When living in the Land of Goshen, God's People are set apart and follow The Lord's Ways and Word and this stand will make you and I detestable to the people of Egypt (the World!)  Our living by The Word of God ONLY will be "an abomination to the Egyptians (people of the World.)  As we are already beginning to witness what is WRONG being made a law now, that it is RIGHT.  Yet, we know the outcome to all of this . . . we are protected in the Land of Goshen . . . we are blessed and wonderfully provided for in the Land of Goshen . . . and we are delivered in the Land of Goshen!  Praise The King of kings, King Jesus!