"The Locusts Are Coming!"



In August 2011, The Lord spoke to me a Message for The Church very clearly and it was, "The Locusts Are Coming!"  I had no idea of "Who" The Lord was speaking of.  And after many days and months of  research of looking into WHO "the Locusts" were, it was unveiled that God WAS NOT TALKING ABOUT AN INSECT COMING AGAINST HIS PEOPLE!  God is describing A PEOPLE that will rise against His Children and He describes them as locusts!  It is the people and the descendents of Ishmael, who was the son of Hagar, the handmaiden of Sarah and Abraham.  Ishmael is recognized as an important prophet and patriarch of Islam.  Ishmael is recognized by Muslims as the ancestor of several prominent Arab tribes and being the forefather of Muhammad, the Muslim prophet.
     To continue in Who God is speaking of, we see in the Word of God that God tells us in Judges 7:12 (ESV) that, "And the Midianites and the Amalekites and all the people of the East lay along the valley like locusts in abundance, and their camels were without number, as the sand that is on the seashore in abundance." 
     The Midianites come from Abraham's other wife, Keturah that he took after Sarah died.  Keturah and Abraham had six sons, Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah.  
     The Amalekites are descendants of Esau, the twin of Jacob, who later was named Israel!  (Esau and Jacob-Israel were the twins of Isaac, Abraham's son.)  Amalek is a son of Esau's first-born son Eliphaz, from where the Amalekites come from.  
     The Midianites and the Amalekites and "all the people of the East" are like Locusts The Bible says!  The people of the East, are just that, the people who are from the Eastern part of the World.  We know this part of the World to be "The Middle East."
     Also, the Book of Revelation which exposes to us The Last Days, tells us about the people called Locusts.  "Then out of the smoke locusts came forth on the earth, and such power was granted them as the power the earth's scorpions have . . . 7 "The locusts resembled horses equipped for battle. On their heads was something like golden crowns. Their faces resembled the faces of people." (Rev. 9:3,7 (AMPC)) 
     The Locusts are the people of Ishmael, the followers of Islam.  The Lord also told us about the Locust in Joel 1:6-7 (AMPC), "For a [heathen and hostile] NATION [of locusts, [illustrative of a human foe] has invaded My land, mighty and without number; its teeth are the teeth of a lion, and it has the jaw teeth of a lioness. 7 It has laid waste My vine [symbol of God's people] and barked and broken My fig tree; it has made them completely bare and thrown them down; their branches are made white."  Remember Beloved, the "vine" is us, Christians grafted into Jesus and the "fig tree" is always the symbol of Israel.  And God said the Locust were coming after and invading "My vine [symbol of God's people]" and "My fig tree;" 
To put it bluntly, the Locusts (people of Ishmael, which is Islam or Muslim) will "lay waste" the Christians (the Vine) and Israel (The Fig Tree.)  The Locusts will also destroy anyone who is not a "believer" in Muslim in the future.

     Now that we are witnessing ISIS take over various lands and power in "Nations," it is so clear to see that this Muslim group is "The Locust" that descends from Ishmael that The Bible told us about.  And the above prophecy about "The Locusts" invading God's Land (Israel) (Joel 1:6-7), tells us that ISIS's true objective and aim will be to take the World and Israel.  Therefore, making their identity of ISIL which is The Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant in the near future Remember, the "L" in ISIL means the word "Levant."  "Levant" is the land covering Cyprus, Jordan, ISRAEL, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and part of southern Turkey.  The identity of the Muslims of ISIL are screaming the Prophecy of Joel 1:6,7 Bride of Christ!
     When The Lord spoke The Prophetic Word of, "The Locusts Are Coming!" to me, I had no idea that we would see such a rising of "The Locusts" BEFORE THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH!  THIS "NATION OF LOCUSTS" (Joel 1:6) ARE TRULY RISING TO POWER BEFORE OUR EYES, CHURCH! 
     Church, this is the TIME in history that all the Prophets saw – we are the ones to actually see it all unfold before our very eyes!  To see Joel and Revelation come to life before our very eyes . . . it is truly amazing!  Church, it’s time to Pray, Fast and Repent before The Lord!  And what does The Bible say that will happen if we will do this due to the “heathen and hostile nation of locusts, illustrative of a human foe” coming?  He tells us in Joel 2:23-32 that He will prosper His People, He will replace and restore to you the years that The Locusts have eaten, He says that you shall have plenty and be satisfied, He says that He will pour His Spirit upon us no matter what our gender or age, He says He will show wonders and signs from Heaven and that He will save all that call out to Him!  WOW!  The rise of The Locusts will drive us to THE GOODNESS OF GOD!  Even in the rise and apparent increase of these enemies of The Locusts, The Lord will bless His People!  IF WE WILL OBEY AND DO WHAT HE SAYS TO DO!  PRAY, FAST AND REPENT PEOPLE OF GOD!