"Shemitah," literally means: "to release" or "The Year of Release"
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     Many Christians are now aware of what Shemitah is, due to the many Prophecy Experts of our day talking about it.  So, what is Shemitah?  Every seven (7) years there is a Shemitah.  You were to work your land for six (6) years and then on the seventh (7th) year, you were not to farm your land and you would let it rest.  God promised that He would provide SO MUCH in the sixth (6th) year, that it would not even be necessary to farm on the 7th year.  The seven year cycle is referred to as Shemitah.  This seven year Biblical commandment from God, called Shemitah was a matter for God's People to have faith that God would provide for a whole year (the 7th) for them and their families.  The people were to trust God and not themselves for provision.  And Shemitah is a time for God's People to take that time to rest in The Lord and stay focused on Him and His Word. (Leviticus 25) 
     Of course, if you have had teaching on the Shemitah you are very aware that terrible events in Nations have happened on former Shemitahs, including ours.  Yet, Shemitah can be a wonderful time for those who are walking with The Lord and are living in obedience to Him and His Word!  Results of Shemitah really are reflected on how a Nation is in its dedication and commitment to God.  If the Nation is following The Lord and His Word, blessings come to that Nation and Her People.  If a Nation is rejecting The Lord and His Word, judgement may come. 
     Past examples for the United States was the Shemitah year when the Islamic terror attack happened on "911."  And because of this horrendous act against the U.S. and Her People, the Stock Market had one of its greatest point loss in its History, causing great damage in our Nation in so many ways!  Another terrible event in the U.S. that happened during the next year of Shemitah was seven years later on 29 September 2008 (again, this is by the Jewish Calendar,) the Stock Market would plummet again causing so much damage and so much loss that after seven years, it still has not regained that loss. 
     We have now ended the seven year cycle of a Shemitah again!  The last day of the Shemitah Year that we just ended was on Sunday, 13 September 2015 which was also ELUL 29 on the Jewish Calendar. 
     "At the end of each seven years . . . on the festival of Sukkoth, after the year of release, in the place He (God) will choose, you must read this Torah before all Israel, so that they will be able to hear it." (Deuteronomy 31:10)  And in Jerusalem at the Western Wall the Torah will be read at a Ceremony that is planned after "The Year of Release" which is also called "Shemitah" during The Festival of Sukkoth or The Feast of Tabernacles in 2015.  Israel as a Nation has planned to observe the Shemitah for the first time since before the devastation and finishing of Israel as a Nation and the destruction of Her Temple in 70 A.D.!  Making this Shemitah to be observed by Israel the first in over 1,945 years!  And the Israeli Government has set aside 29 million dollars for the farmers of Israel to not grow crops during this whole Shemitah year so that the farmers do not have to farm their crops and to let the Land rest as according to Scripture!
     What is crucial for us all to understand is that this Shemitah's END IS ALSO THE MARKING OF THE BEGINNING OF WHAT IS KNOWN BIBLICALLY AS, "The Year of Jubilee."  Which means this is the (seventh - seven year cycle) = (7x7.)  Meaning 7 years times 7 years equals 49 years (which is Seven (7) Shemitahs.)  And the end of that 49th year or The "Glorious" Shemitah, then ushers in The Year of 50.  Fifty (50) means the word "Jubilee."  In The Year of Jubilee (50,) all debt is canceled, all captivity is set free, land goes to its original owners and anything that has been taken or stolen is returned in Jesus Name! (Deuteronomy 15, Leviticus 25)  The "Year of The Release" or The Seventh Shemitah (7 years x 7 years = 49 Years, Ended on ELUL 29 of this year, 13 September 2015. 
"And you shall number seven sabbaths or weeks of years for you, seven times seven years, so the total time of the seven weeks of years shall be forty-nine years. 9 Then you shall sound abroad the loud trumpet on the tenth day of the seventh month [almost October]; on the Day of Atonement blow the trumpet in all your land. 10 And you shall hallow the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you; . . ." (Leviticus 25:8-18 (AMP))
     The Year of Jubilee will be officially announced and the shofar or trumpet sounded on Wednesday, 23 September 2015!  This is the Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur on the Jewish Calendar and is the Highest and Holiest Day to God!  BIG EVENTS HAPPEN DURING THESE BIBLICAL TIMES and even in Modern Times.  We are SO BLESSED to be living in this Time in History!  Most people never live to see The Year of Jubilee, especially when it is being practiced in the Nation of Israel!  And remember, Israel was not a Nation again until 1948 and regained control of The Holy Land of Jerusalem in 1967 (which was also the Time of the 49th year Shemitah and Jubilee!) 
     Again, BIG THINGS happen during these Prophetic Days and Times, Church!  And in our lifetimes, we are going to experience History being made.  Israel for the first time since before the Second Temple was destroyed has and is exercising The Shemitah and it's time for the 7th Shemitah, which a Year of Jubilee follows and we get to live and see it!