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Getting Ready! 


 “. . . For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.” Rev. 19:7




Merry Christmas to our Faithful Covenant Partners and Friends of Jamie Carte Ministries!  Thank you for your Financial Support and Prayer Support this year and for so many years past.  WE LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH and are praying and declaring The Word over you daily! 



       Hello JCM Family!  If you are feeling anything like me . . . (I can hardly believe it is December!)  And with that comes Christmas and Hanukkah time!  And in these Times of the year, there are some that are looking forward to all of the Holidays, but there are also some that don’t.  This month’s Teaching is SO WONDERFUL!  It is a Revelation that goes far beyond what we are feeling.  This Truth will open your eyes to a Spiritual Law in The Word that is Life Changing!  That’s the best way to describe it . . . . Life Changing!  Let’s get started with what God has for us.

       In The Word of Life Churches that Dewayne and I now Pastor, we have been going through a Series with The Master for the last few weeks on a Word that we both had knowledge of, but didn’t understand like we are now!  Hallelujah!  And the Truth and Revelation that The Holy Spirit is uncovering to us is still amazing us!  The Lord has us in the “Place” of discovering, “GLORY.”  Now, I know that many of us have a understanding on “GLORY,”  BUT . . . . There is so much more Beloved of God!  So Much More! 

What Is It?

Just some of the things that GLORY is are: 

Splendor and Majesty (Mark 8:38, Acts 7:55, Luke 4:6) 
 "Great dignity of bearing; loftiness; Grandeur, Magnificence, Excellence, Preeminence, Dignity and Grace." 
Supreme Power and Authority (John 2:11) 
(Ability, Influence and Weight) of God is GLORY! 
 Government, Politics & Diplomacy (The Kingdom of God)
Public Policy - How Functions, Decision Making, Goal Oriented, Influence, POLICIES.
GLORY IS HOW THE KINGDOM OF GOD WORKS!  The Order and how the Citizens of The Kingdom live and obey the "Policies" (which are in and of The Word of God)  And the Manifestations of Glory through the Citizens' Obedience. 
Praise (John 9:24) 
To Praise Father God, His First Born, Jesus and The Holy Spirit is the Action of The Kingdom that Manifests GLORY!  Praise means to Give Honor, Attention, Respect, Admiration, Reverence, Value, Wonder, Awe, Astonishment, Amazement to God, Himself. 
Truth and Truth Telling (Joshua 7:19) 
The GLORY and Power of God manifests in Truth and Truth Telling.
Light (Matthew 17:2) 

  In Exodus 33:18 we see one man wanting to see The GLORY of God.  Moses had seen the Power and Splendor of Father God and Moses knew that he had to see and understand Father MORE!  “Moses asked: Please, show me Your glory.” Exodus 33:18  The word, “GLORY” used by Moses in this instance was the Hebrew word, kabowd.  Kabowd means – “The weight of something, but only figuratively in a good sense.”  Its definition also speaks of splendor, abundance, and honor.  


  Now, when Moses asked Father to show him His Glory, the following verse is HOW Father God answered Moses in Exodus 33:19, Then He said, “I will make all My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you.”  The Hebrew word found in Exodus 33 for “goodness” is tuwbThe Hebrew word tuwb means, Good in the widest sense.”  In other words, as GOOD as we can think or see or imagine!  It's a GOOD where nothing is withheld!

  Now, we at Jamie Carte Ministries (JCM) and The Word of Life Churches have been on a “Journey” in this Revelation of GLORY for weeks and the riches of it all has changed us.  And I will have to “bulls-eye” a Section of this Revelation for you that The Lord has spoken to me about to share in this Month’s Teaching.  Let’s continue to Build on these Foundational Truths.




   When Jesus walked the Earth in His Ministry, The Word says that He laid down His Glory and operated here on Earth as a Man . . . specifically He referred to Himself as The Son of Man and as the Last Adam (Man).  Jesus operated in the POWER, AUTHORITY and TRUTH (which is GLORY) of Father God when He was here on Earth.  Jesus said, I am able to do nothing from Myself [independently, of My own accord . . .]” (John 5:30 (AMPC)  So, when Signs, Miracles, Healing, Wealth Multiplication and POWER (all of these situations in The Word of God, was GLORY) happened, He was submitted to Father God and His Will and was being used for Father God’s GLORY (POWER, AUTHORITY, SPLENDOR) to be manifested in the Earth!  (That’s a HUGE REVELATION written right there in that paragraph!)

   When Jesus paid for EVERYTHING that He did for us at Gethsemane, the streets and courts of Jerusalem, at Calvary, at the grave and Hell, He MADE A WAY FOR GOD’S GLORY TO MANIFEST CONTINUALLY ON THE EARTH!  So, where is God’s GLORY now?




"God [in His eternal plan] chose to make known to them how great for the Gentiles are the riches of THE GLORY of this mystery, which is Christ IN and among you, the HOPE and guarantee of [REALIZING THE] GLORY]."  Colossians 1:27 (AMP)       

" . . . Christ in you, the hope of glory:" Colossians 1:27 (KJV) 



The Lord had this AMAZING PLAN . . . to have His GLORY (His Power, Splendor, Truth, Kingdom Works, Authority . . . . All His Goodness) . . . . INSIDE OF HUMAN BEINGS!  His GLORY would not just be at one Place or Temple, but in MANY TEMPLES OF GOD!  Those Temples are you and me now!  His GLORY is IN US now!  Praise The Lord!  Now, of course there were many Jewish People of that day that received Jesus as their Lord and Savior and was baptized in The Holy Spirit (that’s how we are here today!)  And those wonderful Brothers and Sisters in The Early Church were also used to bring The Gospel to the “Gentiles” (those of non - Jewish religion.)  And that is what Colossians Chapter One is talking of!  See, NOW THE GLORY LIVES IN US!  CHRIST LIVES IN US!  Jesus paid for The Way for God's GLORY to be able to come through US HERE ON THE EARTH NOW!  The GLORY – the POWER, the GOODNESS, the KINGDOM, the HEALINGS, the MIRACLES, SIGNS OF GOD . . . ALL THE GLORY OF GOD IS IN US NOW! 




"God [in His eternal plan] chose to make known to them how great for the Gentiles are the riches of THE GLORY of this mystery, which is Christ IN and among you, the HOPE and guarantee of [REALIZING THE] GLORY." Colossians 1:27 (AMP)      

" . . . Christ in you, the hope of glory:" Colossians 1:27 (KJV)


He’s Not The Only One Waiting!
       The Lord is not the only One that is waiting for His Brothers and Sisters (US – you and me) here on the Earth to “realize” exactly what we have to give away to others here on the Earth!  He’s not the only One Who is “hoping” that we “realize” that THE GLORY – POWER, GOODNESS, GREATNESS, HEALING, MIRACLES and so much more ARE ON THE INSIDE OF US to be used FOR OTHERS!  No, there are others who are “hoping” that we “realize” that God’s GLORY is in us! 


“For [even the whole] creation [all nature] waits eagerly for the children of God to be revealed.” (Romans 8:19 (AMP))

"Everything God made is waiting with excitement for God to show HIS CHILDREN'S GLORY COMPLETELY." (Romans 8:19 (New Century Version))

"For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth FOR THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD."  (Romans 8:19 (KJV)) 


        “The whole Creation” and “Everything God made” “waits eagerly,” “is waiting with excitement” and has “earnest expectation” FOR WHAT?  EVERYTHING and EVERYONE IS WAITING FOR THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS TO MANIFEST!  Manifest in what?  They’re all WAITING ON US TO MANIFEST THE GLORY THAT’S WITHIN US . . . OUT OF US!  TO MANIFEST THE GLORY – POWER – GOODNESS OF GOD . . . JUST LIKE JESUS DID WHEN HE WAS HERE ON EARTH!  All Creation is waiting for the GLORY, the Power, the Healings, the Goodness, the Multiplication, the Miracles, the Signs, the Light . . . THE GLORY to Manifest THROUGH US . . . BECAUSE WE ARE THE ONES WITH THE GLORY IN US NOW!  The Lord is “hoping” that we “realize” it and All Creation is waiting on us to “realize” it and to manifest in The Glory!  We Are The Earth’s Answer Now . . . WE ARE THE HOPE OF GLORY IN THE EARTH!




       As we have seen above in Romans 8 how all Creation is waiting for us, the Sons and Daughters, The Children of God to manifest The GLORY that is within us in Verse nineteen (19), there are two (2) Verses that are sitting right on top of Verse nineteen 19 that we have to study that reveal even more about The GLORY of God.  And it is,


And if [we are His] children, [then we are His] heirs also: heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ [sharing His spiritual blessing and inheritance], if indeed we share in His suffering so that we may also share in His glory18 For I consider [from the standpoint of faith] that the sufferings of the present life are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is about to be revealed TO US and IN US!” (Romans 8:17-18 (AMP))

        WOW!  We are told here by The Word of God that we are heirs and Children of God, fellow heirs with Jesus, and we share in the Inheritance that Jesus died to give us too!  AND we are also told here that we, as heirs share IN HIS SUFFERING.  And that is when this gets hard.  Yes, we are heirs and fellow heirs with Christ Jesus!  We are His Brothers and Sisters and Sons and Daughters of Father too!  Of course, Jesus is The First Born of The Family of God.  And as we share in the Inheritance, part of the “sharing” is also in “suffering.”  But there is a REASON FOR THIS “SUFFERING.”  The Bibles says, “. . . if indeed we share in His suffering so that we may also share in His glory."  SUFFERING BRINGS GLORY!  Suffering and Persecutions Make GLORY MANIFEST, Beloved!  The Bible also tells us very vividly in 2 Corinthians 4:17 (NLT)) that persecutions or TROUBLES PRODUCE . . . GLORY!  

“For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever!”


        Beloved of God, that’s right, persecutions, trouble, suffering, being outcast, made fun of, left out, asked to leave and ALL that we encounter in our lives, families, friends, jobs, schools and even Churches . . . ALL OF THOSE INCIDENTS THAT HAPPEN ARE TO “PRODUCE GLORY!”  You’ve got to see this Scripture of HOW GOD SEES IT when we’re persecuted!  


Matthew 5:10-12 The Message (MSG)

"You're blessed when your commitment to God provokes persecution.  The persecution drives you even deeper into God's kingdom. 11-12  “Not only that—count yourselves blessed every time people put you down or throw you out or speak lies about you to discredit me. What it means is that the truth is too close for comfort and they are uncomfortable. You can be glad when that happens - give a cheer, even! - for though they don't like it, I do! And all heaven applauds. And know that you are in good company. My prophets and witnesses have always gotten into this kind of trouble.”

         The Word shows us here that The Lord has a whole other view of when you are persecuted, suffer, people put you down, throw you out and speak lies of you because you are a Follower of Jesus!  He tells us to “cheer” about it!  Why would He say such a thing!  Because He knows that the “pressure” or “trouble” being brought to us “produces” GLORY! (2 Corinthians 4:17)!  GLORY CAN MANIFEST IN THE EARTH WHEN “TROUBLE” COMES TO US!  AMAZING!
When You Are FULL OF IT!
"With JOY unspeakable and FULL OF GLORY!" 
1 Peter 1:8 (KJV)

       HOW CAN A SON or DAUGHTER OF GOD BE FULL OF THE GLORY so that they can be used to manifest and help and minster to this World for Father God and The Kingdom of God? ANSWER: POSSESS JOY Really get this!  The Word of God says that the way to be FULL OF GLORY is to have JOY!  Now we’re not talking about just being happy because things are going your way.  God is talking about a Spiritual Law that must be known and addressed and Mastered by the Children of God in order to manifest The GLORY – Power that is inside of us!  Glory HAS TO MANIFEST OUT OF US!  And according to what we see in The Word, Troubles Produce Glory. (2 Corinthians 4:17) 

Yet, we are told even more in James to, “Consider it nothing but joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you fall into various trials.” James 1:2 (AMP)  We are to consider "trials" as a JOY!  (I know that this is going to take a renewing of the mind!  I am having to do the same!)  And why we should consider trials a JOY is that the persecution and trials PRODUCE GLORY and JOY MAKES US FULL OF THE GLORY!  And when we ARE FULL OF GLORY, WE CAN GIVE THE GLORY AWAY TO OTHERS and see them receive The GLORY – Power, Goodness, Healing, Multiplication, Miracles . . . of God, Himself!  Because that IS WHERE THE GLORY IS NOW!  " . . . Christ in you, the hope of glory:" Colossians 1:27 (KJV)

No Words 

I know this Revelation is amazing!  It is to me also!  And really we are just “scratching the surface” of this!  But before we close this Teaching Letter, we have to consider something very “key” in 1 Peter 1:8 and that is the word “unspeakable.”  When there is no speaking going on, there are no words spoken.  So, how can one have JOY and not speak?  How could anyone even tell if someone had JOY without words?  “JOY UNSPEAKABLE” is when you and I are so filled with JOY in our minds, in our hearts, in our lives, in our attitudes, in our motives . . . in all of our “insides,” that we don’t have to TELL PEOPLE that we are JOYFUL!  It’s all over us and in us – CONTINUALLY.