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     Well, we are well within this Year of 2016 and Oh, What A Year This Can Be For The Church!  If you did not read the January JCM Monthly Teaching Letter, let me encourage you to read it, study it and really get those foundational Truths of what prophetically this Year of 2016 means!  I will give a very brief description of what we are to foundationally know of this VERY PROPHETIC YEAR, but again, I encourage you to go and read the January Monthly Teaching Letter to which this Letter, Lord Willing, builds on.

Looking DEEP Within The



     The Number/Word of Sixteen (16) means, “Established New Beginnings” and the Word “Love!”  Now, this is where I must write again, and go even deeper into and build upon what we have found and documented last Month about this VERY IMPORTANT WORD “16” SIXTEEN.  “16” first means “Established.”  Please look into these next boxes.  The word, “Established,” is defined as, 

To set up (as a system, business, Church etc.) permanently;
To settle; place beyond dispute as of a custom, belief; to prove as a fact.  
 Having been in existence for a long time and therefore recognized as good and successful, leading and thriving.   Established people, well known for being good at their job, famous, well-known, celebrated.  
"Entrenched, Settled, Fixed, Uncompromising, Ingrained, Rooted, Secure, Set, Vested, Deep-Rooted, Permanent, Unshakable, Impregnable" 
The word, "Established" also means:  (The Free Dictionary)
1. To cause (an institution, for example) to come into existence or begin operating; found; set up.  To bring about; generate or effect:  (Example:) Establish goodwill in the neighborhood 
2. To place or settle in a secure position or condition:  (Ex:) I'm established in my own business.  To cause to become regular or usual: To cause to be able to grow or thrive: (Example:) A tree needs watered to help it become established.  
 3. To cause to be recognized and accepted: (Ex:) A discovery that established his reputation.
4. To introduce and put (a law, for example) into force.
5. To prove the validity or truth of.
6. To make a state institution of (a Church.)
     Now, that we have listed in great detail WHAT the definitions and words that make up the word, "ESTABLISHED" are, let's look at what The Lord is wanting us to know and what all of this means!





     Let’s break the meaning of this Year down even more, the word, “Established,” is defined as, "To set up!"  The Lord has chosen this Year of 2016 to prophetically “put into place” the atmosphere for His Church to succeed like never before!  The Year of 2016 is the Year, TO SET UP!”  Get that down in You, Church!  There is an Anointing in this Year of 2016 for New Institutions, New Jobs, New Churches, New Ministries, New Starts, New Businesses, New Beginnings like never before!  So, this Year of 2016, is specifically designed for God’s Children to begin and start the things that He has directed you to!  The Year has literally been SET UP for you and I, Child of God!  Hear The Lord and Obey Him!  It is CRUCIAL that we all have eyes to see and ears to hear The Master!

     Because, and really see this, the word “ESTABLISHED” IS LITERALLY DEFINED AS, “TO SET UP (As a system, business, Church etc.) permanently:” And, “6. To make a state institution of (a Church).”  (Friends, go back to the definitions that are listed above.)  “ESTABLISHED” LITERALLY MEANS THESE DEFINITIONS!  So, THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR that has a divine timing to actually begin Institutions, Churches and Businesses!  If The Master has TOLD YOU to begin one of these, one of the reasons to do so is, IT’S TIME!  That is what “16”/ESTABLISHED means!  Hallelujah!  
     It’s a Year to SET UP the ones that have been showing up and showing up and still showing up, day after day, week after week.  The ones doing what they were to do no matter if anyone knew it or not.  The ones that did their jobs, responsibilities and callings from The Lord, whether they were recognized for it or not!  It’s Time for the ones that would do their callings behind the scenes and would do it all UNTO GOD, NOT FOR A SHOW.  Just doing your responsibilities and being consistent at it.  It’s Time for The Lord to bring the ones that have not been IN THE FRONT . . . TO THE FRONT!  The People of God that have been faithful, diligent and consistent and “have been doing your duties in existence for a long time,” (Another definition of “ESTABLISHED!”) . . . . God has seen you and in this Year of “ESTABLISHED,” He is able to do what 2016 was designed to do for you and through you, Beloved!  You are Anointed to DO and HELP “SET UP” all The Master wants done in this Year of 2016!  All the Years prior to 2016, well, Church . . . IT’S ALL BEEN PLANNED!  IT’S A “SET UP” FROM THE KING, HIMSELF!


     Now, what I am about to write you is truly amazing!  In this Year of 2016, of course we are still looking at the word, “ESTABLISHED” and what The Lord showed me, well, I’m thrilled about it!  In the beginning of this Teaching Letter we told you that, The Number/Word of Sixteen (16) means, “Established New Beginnings” and the Word “Love!”  And with continuing to look still even deeper within (“16”) prophetically we see two things:


            Really use your spiritual ears and eyes right here, Beloved and look at these three words!  “Established – New Beginnings,”  “Established – New Beginnings,”  “Established – New Beginnings!”  When you are “ESTABLISHED” you are PERMANENT, you HAVE BEEN IN EXISTENCE FOR A LONG TIME.  And the Number/Word of Sixteen (16) also means, “NEW BEGINNINGS!”  How can someone or something be “ESTABLISHED” and a “NEW BEGINNING” at the same time?  Only God can make something “ESTABLISHED” and “Permanent” AND “BRAND NEW,” “NEW BEGINNING,” “TO START” . . . . AT THE SAME TIME!  Being “ESTABLISHED” and “NEW” IS OPPOSITE OF EACH OTHER!  Yet, the Number/Word Sixteen (16) means BOTH . . . “ESTABLISHED” AND “NEW BEGINNINGS!”  If you are just starting out and OPENING SOMETHING, HOW CAN YOU BE “ESTABLISHED?”  If you are “ESTABLISHED” HOW CAN YOU BE CALLED, “NEW BEGINNING?”  One word (“ESTABLISHED”) means you’ve been for a long time and the other words for (16) mean you are Brand New (“NEW BEGINNINGS!”)



"Oh Friend, hear the Voice of The Lord!  God is going to make up the Time the enemy has stolen!  People will see, hear and feel the Anointing that is on you and on the New Churches, Businesses, Institutions, Systems and Structures that He has given you and that you begin!  The people will experience a feeling of permanence, stability and steadiness on you and what you have BEGUN!  It will be as if you have been OPEN for a very long time!  A HOLY CONFIDENCE will be upon you and the New Thing you have BEGUN in faith for.  The people will sense that you are already ESTABLISHED even though you are NEW.  A trust will come upon the People for they will know within themselves that you are THE PLACE that they need to invest in, THE PLACE that they need to serve at, THE PLACE that they belong to and THE PLACE that they are to be at!  It is settled within them for although you are NEW, you will HAVE THE ANOINTING OF "ESTABLISHED!"  You and what you have BEGUN are SETTLED, SECURE, FIXED, PROVEN, SAFE, PERMANENT, UNCOMPROMISING to them!  Even though you are BRAND NEW, are just STARTING and have newly embarked on your NEW BEGINNING in your NEW PLACE that you have just started!  ONLY GOD, HIMSELF CAN MAKE (WITHIN A YEAR - (16))  SOMETHING NEW AND ESTABLISHED AT THE SAME TIME!  AGAIN, "IT'S A SET UP!" 

And It Even Gets Better!

     I know, you are probably thinking, How much better could this news about this Year of “16” get?  Well, it really does!  Not only is this the Year that if The Master has told you to BEGIN or SET UP New Institutions, New Churches, New Ministries, New Jobs, New Businesses, etc., He will cause you and I to grow and thrive supernaturally!  Remember, a definition of the Word/Number “16” which means “ESTABLISHED” is:

2. . . . "To cause to become regular or usual: To cause to be able to grow or thrive: (Example:) A tree needs watered to help it become established. 3. To cause to be recognized and accepted:" 

So, in 2016 there is a "CAUSE" from The Lord for these things that HE has instructed to have New Beginnings in, to GROW and THRIVE!  NO WAITING - you've already done the waiting!  DONE IMMEDIATELY!  And, if that was not amazing . . . there's even more! 

The Lord Is Going To Do Your

Advertising For You!
     This just thrills me again!  As stated in the beginning of this Teaching Letter, "ESTABLISHED" is also defined as, 

Having been in existence for a long time and therefore

recognized as good and successful, leading and
 thrivingAnd, 3. To cause to be recognized and 

     God, Himself will cause you, “to be recognized and accepted!”  God will advertise this “ESTABLISHED – NEW BEGINNING” FOR YOU!  He will have the NEW System, Institution, Church, Business, Ministry, Job and Organization to be recognized and accepted!  “16” brings with it, the ATMOSPHERE for being recognized and accepted!  This is HUGE, People of God!  There will be a SET ATMOSPHERE for these ASSIGNMENTS from The Lord to BEGIN and TO BEGIN WITH AN ALREADY ESTABLISHED ENVIRONMENT THAT HAS BEEN “SET UP” BY THE LORD TO ALREADY BE ACCEPTED!  For the People to already have a feeling and knowing of you and your NEW System, Institution, Church, Business, Ministry, Job and Organization in 2016!  The Lord will manifest for us in 2016 an environment that the People will see and experience a familiarity that cannot be explained!  The People will already possess an understanding and acknowledgement of us and of what He has BEGUN through us in this Year of “16” that will distinguish you and I and our NEW, yet ESTABLISHED Structures, Organizations and Establishments!  In short, The Master will “cause” what He has assigned us to BEGIN in 2016, “to be recognized and accepted.”  You won’t have to convince them, God will do it for you in 2016!



“Of course, ALL of these WONDERFUL THINGS will prophetically happen for the People of God who have placed themselves where they need to be for The Manifestation of (16) and are believing by faith for it!  SO, WHAT ABOUT THE ONES WHO WON’T PLACE THEMSELVES IN THE DISTINCTIVE POSITIONS PREPARED FOR THEM IN 2016?”

      The last Truth that we want to go over that is prophetically going to manifest in this Year of “16” is that an outpouring of TRUTH will happen in the Earth!
"To settle; place beyond dispute as of a custom, belief; to prove as a fact.  And, 4. To introduce and put (a law, for example) into force.  5. To prove the validity or truth of."  
      Again, keep in mind that these are definitions of what “ESTABLISHED” means and that is what the Word/Number “16” means.  TRUTH will be outpoured from The Kingdom and Kingdom People abundantly in 2016!  IT IS TIME FOR THE BRIDE TO AWAKE FROM HER SLUMBER!  No more “religious” and “dull” sermons!  A GREAT OUTPOURING OF THE WORD OF GOD and PROPHETIC UNDERSTANDING WILL BE for those who will HAVE EARS TO HEAR WHAT THE MASTER IS SAYING!  Not philosophy or human viewpoint, PURE, HOLY TRUTH from The Master!  2016 is the Time for all customs and man-made beliefs to no longer be seen as TRUTH!  It is Time for The Word to be taught in Its entirety, not just what we have been shown in parts.  It is Time for The Word to be demonstrated with The Power and Action that Jesus said we were to do!  THAT IS WHAT ALL OF THE “ESTABLISHED – NEW BEGINNINGS” STRUCTURES, BUISNESSES, CHURCHES, JOBS, ORGANIZATIONS OF THE LORD WILL BE STARTED FOR!  THEY ARE FOR THE OUTPOURING OF TRUTH AND DEMONSTRATIONS FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE AND TO WANT!  THEY WILL BE PLACES THAT THE “NETS” WILL BE THROWN OUT FROM, TO BRING PEOPLE INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD WITH!   And as wonderful as all of this is for us Beloved of God, there will be some that sadly, will not decide to partake of the blessings of this Year of “16.”  The Number/Word “16” again, means the word, “ESTABLISHED.”  And, the word, “ESTABLISHED” has the meanings of:
"Entrenched, Settled, Fixed, Uncompromising, Ingrained, Rooted, Secure, Set, Vested, Deep-Rooted, Permanent, Unshakable, Impregnable" 
     As we have deeply looked into this word of “16,” “ESTABLISHED,” it’s just as important to now look at what the OPPOSITE MEANINGS of the word, “ESTABLISHED” are.  You may ask why that would be so important.  Well, if this Year of 2016 is designed by God to prophetically BRING FORTH what “16” means, then IF WE DO NOT SET OURSELVES IN THE PLACE THE LORD ASSIGNS FOR US TO BE IN TO RECEIVE THE 2016 BENEFITS, THEN THERE IS A DISADVANTAGE and HINDRANCE and LOSS FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT ADHERE TO THE BLESSINGS THAT ARE “SET UP” FOR THEM IN 2016!  Let’s look at what happens if you do THE OPPOSITE of what is intended for you in “16.” 

The words that describe the OPPOSITE of the Word, "Established," areindefinite, undecided, unfixed, unreliable, unstable, false, insolvent, invalidated, temporary, unsound, untrue.
     So, the OPPOSITE of “ESTABLISHED” is the above!  And the Bible already tells us so much about one that is “unstable,” “undecided,” “unsound!”  “Only it must be in faith that he asks with no wavering (no hesitating, no doubting). For the one who wavers (hesitates, doubts) is like the billowing surge out at sea that is blown hither and thither and tossed by the wind.  7 For truly, let not such a person imagine that he will receive anything [he asks for] from the Lord, 8 [For being as he is] a man of two minds (hesitating, dubious, irresolute), [he is] unstable and unreliable and uncertain about everything [he thinks, feels, decides].” James 1:6-8 (AMPC)  WOW!  The Lord has already told us here that if we are wavering, unstable and unreliable (which is defined as the OPPOSITE of  “ESTABLISHED”) WE SHALL NOT IMAGINE THAT WE WOULD RECEIVE ANYTHING FROM THE LORD!  So, if we are not believing and having faith for what The Word says, then that makes us in a condition of wavering and doubting, and having two minds about the situation.  That’s when we are believing what is going on around us and not believing what God says about the matter.  That is the OPPOSITE of “ESTABLISHED.”  Opposite of “16.” 

     Other OPPOSITES of “ESTABLISHED” are listed as “false” and “untrue.”  The word “false” also means lies, fake, sham, artificial, phony, and counterfeit.  It is so important that you get this!  If you choose to NOT align yourself with The Word and decide to not want to do the assignment that you are given, or seek The Master to know His Will for you to do . . . then, Beloved, YOU CAN POSITION YOURSELF ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE of the Plan of “16.”  You can select to NOT be “ESTABLISHED.”  And this decision can place you in an environment where “false” and “untrue” is.  Your choices can lead you into false or wrong places that you are not to be in, because you are not doing your ASSIGNMENT from God, you are doing what you want.  If you are within the false assignment of your life, (Doing something other than what God wants for you) you could be setting yourself up in the OPPOSITE in this Year of “16!”  (Remember, “16” means “SET-UP!”)  The enemy could be setting you up for wrong or false relationships, job placements or decisions that you are not to be in.  Financial unions that you were never to unite with and tricks of the enemy will be given “room” to take place if we are not FIXED, UNCOMPROMISING, ROOTED on GOD and HIS WORD and in our LOVE WALK!  (Which “16” also means!)

     And lastly, a word that is the OPPOSITE of the word “ESTABLISHED” is “Invalidated.”   Invalidated” also means cancel, nullify, annul, undue, squash, overthrow.  As stated, in this Year of 2016 there will be an outpouring of TRUTH and display throughout The Body of Christ!  "Uncompromising" TRUTH (Which “Established,” “16” means!)  There will be those who will come against the Teaching and Doing of The Word. 


The Law of Faith  -  The Law of Love  -  Healing  -  Baptism of The Holy Spirit  -  The Law of Prosperity  -  Miracles  -  Signs  -  Wonders  -  The Gifts of The Spirit


WILL ALL BE ABUNDANTLY MADE KNOWN AND DEMONSTRATED IN THIS YEAR FOR 2016!  And God has “Set-Up” this Year of 2016, of “Established” to bring all of His Children into the Light and Revelation of these Marvelous Things He has for His Body!  But again, there will be some that will not hear of it.  They will not allow the fullness of this prophetic Year of 2016 to manifest for them and their families and lives!  And though every one of the above Truths are in The Word of God and Jesus, Himself spoke of and performed them all and we are to be continuing His Ministry as His Body, there will be some that will nullify The Word of God.  Yes, Church there is something that can literally do that!

      The Bible tells us, “And the Pharisees and scribes kept asking [Jesus], Why do Your disciples not order their way of living according to the tradition handed down by the forefathers [to be observed], . . . as it stands written: These people [constantly] honor Me with their lips, but their hearts hold off and are far distant from Me. 7  In vain (fruitlessly and without profit) do they worship Me, ordering and teaching [to be obeyed] as doctrines the commandments and precepts of men8 You disregard and give up and ask to depart from you the commandment of God and cling to the tradition of men [keeping it carefully and faithfully].  9 And He said to them, You have a fine way of REJECTING [thus THWARTING and NULLIFYING AND DOING AWAY with] the commandment of God in order to keep your tradition (your own human regulations)!" Mark 7:5-9 (AMP)

     The New Living Translation (NLT) of Mark 7:5-9 tells us, “So the Pharisees and teachers of religious law asked him, “Why don’t your disciples follow our age-old tradition? . . . 6 Jesus replied, “You hypocrites!  Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you, for he wrote, ‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. 7 Their worship is a farce, for they TEACH MAN-MADE IDEAS as commands from God.' 8 For you IGNORE GOD'S LAW and SUBSTITUTE YOUR OWN TRADITION." 9 Then he said, "You skillfully sidestep God's law in order to hold on to your own tradition."

     In the wonderful prophetic Year of “16” the Truth of all that we, The Body, The Bride and Children of God are to be doing, living and ministering to others in will be Taught like never before.  The Lord, in this Year will provide Places for this to happen, yet there will be those who will STAY where they are.  Some will not want THE WHOLE TRUTH, only what they are comfortable with.  And because they will reject The Word and what God is wanting done in these Last Days, they will sadly not be a part of the “16” amazements that will happen!  They will nullify The Word and Will of God.  I hear The Lord saying, 

"For you have done Church the way you have wanted long enough!  It is My Time, It is Their Time to see and experience ME like never before!  It is Time for the Outpouring that I have promised so many years ago.  It will be simple.  It will be dynamic and explosive and the most exhilarating thing you can imagine, thus saith The Lord!"  "Come join Me.  For, I will make you TRUE Fishers of Men!  There's nothing like it in this World!  Come be a part of what I'm doing, saith The Lord!" 

     Oh, People of God, it's Time to trust The Word of God!  Trust Him and what He has said!  It 's Time To Do what this Year of "16" has been designed by The Master to be and that is,
"To settle; place beyond dispute as of a custom, belief; to prove as a fact.  And, 4. To introduce and put (a law, for example) into force. 5. To prove the validity or truth of." 

The Word of God is Truth!  ALL OF IT IS!  Don’t just “skip over” what you don’t understand or are uncomfortable with!  The Lord is setting up Places for you and the people to help you right now, in this Year of “16.”  Make the decision right now to allow the Truth to penetrate your very being and decide to follow The Word and The King!

     Don’t be one of the ones that just don’t want the responsibility, job, accountability and task that The Lord wants them to be engaged in.  Many just want to do their habitual activities, hobbies and pastimes that they have established in their lives and DO NOT WANT WHAT THE PROPHETIC ANOINTING THAT “16” HAS FOR THEM.  And for the ones in The Body of Christ who make their choice to NOT want to take part of the NEW, yet ESTABLISHED Structures, Organizations and Establishments in their lives and communities, will have made the decision to do the VERY THING that “man’s traditions” do . . . VOID or CANCEL God’s Word to His People! 

     Yet, you reading this won’t will you!  You and I are going to RISE UP and GIRD OURSELVES UP in God and His Will and His Direction in our lives and FOLLOW The Master’s Direction!  We WILL SHOW UP and FOLLOW THROUGH on THE SET UPS The Lord has in store for us in this wonderful Year of 2016 – The Year of “ESTABLISHED – NEW BEGINNINGS!”  Hallelujah!   WE are NOT FINISHED, NOR ARE WE DONE!  NO!  We, Body of Christ ARE JUST GETTING STARTED and BEGINNING!  We are ESTABLISHED!  We are . . .

"Entrenched, Settled, Fixed, Uncompromising, Ingrained, Rooted, Secure, Set, Vested, Deep-Rooted, Permanent, Unshakable, Impregnable"
Let The Fire and Anointing of God come upon you and flow through you as you make this DECLARATION with us People of God! . . .  
"WE ARE THE "NEW - YET, ESTABLISHED!"  WE ARE "SET-UP" FOR VICTORY!  THERE IS A SUPERNATURAL ANOINTING ON US and OUR NEW ESTABLISHMENTS, STRUCTURES, CHURCHES AND BUSINESSES FOR "ACCEPTANCE" and RECOGNITION" FROM THE LORD FOR HIS GLORY!  We accept and will do what King Jesus is telling us to do, without apology!  We are The Army of God and We Will Not Retreat or Back Down!  We Will "BEGIN," "START" AND "BUILD" what The Commander and Chief tells us to!  WE will not tolerate fear and worry . . . The King, Himself will provide our needs!  This is His ASSIGNMENT and He will FINISH what He STARTS!  For, this is the Year of "16" that shall abundantly bring forth for me, "NEW BEGINNINGS" - that The Master, The Chief Cornerstone and Carpenter will "ESTABLISH" in the Earth!  There is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE for my King!  And just like Mary accepted her Assignment in the Earth, so do I!  "May It Be Unto Me As You Have Said, Lord!"  I commit, in Jesus Name!, SO BE IT!"  

     Put these words and commitment up where you can see it and profess it every day in this Year of 2016.  Look and LISTEN for The Master’s direction to you and WHERE you are to be and WHAT you are to be doing in this marvelous Year of 2016!  Get into the flow of what God is doing in this Year!  Don’t settle!  Don’t continue in the habits that you have formed, if God’s not in them!  Just because something is familiar and common, doesn’t mean that it is what The Lord still has for you to do in the Earth.  LISTEN for Him!  You and I have eyes to see and ears to hear in Jesus Name!

     I know all of this sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  Yet, friend, if you are not where you need to be with The Lord, you are gonna miss the MOST IMPORTANT thing!  And that’s Jesus, Himself!  If you have walked away from God and are not fully committed or you are not fully surrendered to Him or if you have never turned your life over to Him, then The Bible says, "That if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved."  This means that you will be “Born Again” into The Kingdom of God.  So, your job is to believe with all that's inside of you and confess with your mouth.  Just say these words to God and believe them with all your heart:


"Jesus I come before You right now and I know that I have sinned against You and your Ways.  I ask You, Jesus to forgive me of all the wrong I've done and come into my life and save me.  I renounce my past and the sin of it.  I'm finished with it!  Please do something with my life.  I make You, Jesus The Lord of my life!  Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit and Power in Jesus Name!  I believe I receive!  I am Born Again and a Child of The Most High!  Amen!"



     If you said that prayer and meant it will all your heart, you friend are Born Again and in right standing with GOD!  Let us know here at JCM and we will send you some FREE Resources to get you started or re-started in your new life with God!  Welcome To The Family Of God!  Now, jump into the wonderfulness of Father God and His Love and His Word!  He’s got the Plans for your life, seek Him and you’ll find the Plans, Beloved!  Body of Christ, this Year of 2016 is FOR you!  Don’t Miss This Year and Its Advantages and Blessings that The Lord has “Set-Up” for you, your family, finances, jobs, Ministries . . . everything in your lives!  Until Next Month, You . . . .

                                                Keep Getting Ready, Jesus Is Coming!   






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February 2016 Monthly Teaching Letter