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What Is God Saying About This Prophetic Year of 5783 & 2023? And CONTINUING TO SAY?

We're Listening & Following YOU LORD!  

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It's A SET UP!

It's Your Turn!

Psalm 75:6-7 “For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. 7 But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.”

Promotion is defined as being raised in Position or Rank.  Some of the people who were promoted by God were David, he went from a shepherd to a King.  Esther went from a simple Jewish girl in her town to the Queen of Persia.

 Joseph went from being a prisoner in jail to the second highest position of Leadership over the whole country of Egypt and . . . IN JUST ONE DAY!  

And yet I find something very constant in their lives. THERE WAS A TIME AND SEASON FOR PREPARATION!  

David was gaining knowledge on how to honor and respect Authorities over him, to operate in wisdom by leading the men under him and all the while becoming skilled at how to fight and defend while running for his life from King Saul and living in the wilderness.

Esther was taken from all that she knew in her own life and from those she loved and was suddenly thrown into the world of Persia. She was to endure many beauty treatments for great lengths of time and expected to learn protocol of this new Kingdom. Esther faced the reality of possibly being killed and also had to be a part of a competition for the Kings affection to which she did not sign up for!

Joseph was sold into slavery by his own big brothers, he was wrongly accused of rape and thrown into prison and he was forsaken and abandoned. And yet all three of these sons and daughter of God had a day, and what a glorious day it was for all of them! A DAY OF PROMOTION! A day that EVERYTHING SHIFTED AND CHANGED for them! A day when God, Himself SET THEM UP FOR A PROMOTION!

Dewayne and I decree and declare Psalm 75:6-7 over ourselves all the time. We are believing God that He is setting us up for HIS PROMOTION! Though the season of preparation may be demanding, we know that our Father is Just and is keeping records on our behalf.

Join with us today!  Begin believing and professing this promise from God for and over yourself.  Why would we put our trust in Anyone else?   


Keep Getting Ready, Jesus Is Coming!
Pastor Jamie


America in Ministry

One of the things that Jamie Carte Ministries and The Word Of Life Centers Teach and Minister on is This Nation's History, the Constitution and The Greatness and The Freedoms Of This Wonderful Land.  Many have laid down their lives for our Freedoms and we celebrate and honor them and those Freedoms that cost them and their families everything.

We Must Remember

Learning Our Hebraic History and Roots

The Layers Of The Word of God Are AMAZING!  This Ministry Dives DEEP Into Our Hebraic History In The Word of God.  When You and I Become Born Again Believers The Jewish God, The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah, Jesus, Himself Comes To Live Inside Of us!  Our Heritage, Our History and Our Future is All Knitted Within HIM, The WORD, HIMSELF!

If We Learn Our Hebraic History We Will Understand In Greater Levels Our PAST, Our NOW and OUR FUTURE in Jesus!  Dive In With Us!

There's So Much More!

Here To Serve!

Thank You For Visiting Jamie Carte Ministries (JCM) Website, WELCOME!  You will find many resources on and through this Website to help you come to a deeper relationship with King Jesus.  The Uncompromising Word through Television Broadcasts, Audio Podcasts, signing up for Daily Devotions, Monthly Teachings, Free DVD & CD's, Free Bibles and so much more is all here . . . as a GIFT, to YOU!  

If you are visiting The Word of Life Center it is our heart that you will be welcomed and loved.  That you will experience The Love of God and be ministered to.  Our goal is that every life that comes to The Word of Life Center will be changed and touched by The Presence of The Almighty God and His Word of Truth.  For, we know that it is The Truth that will set a person free. (John 8:31-32).  We look forward to what God has in store for you and your beautiful life!  - Dewayne and Jamie Carte

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God Has Done Something MARVELOUS!

Something HUGE Has Happened And We Are Truly Overwhelmed With The GOODNESS OF GOD!  

JCM Was Given Property In The Wilmington, NC Area!  God Said He Would Have "Mahanaim" (Two Camps, Two Armies)!  And HE HAS GIVEN THE MINISTRY PROPERTY (Yes, I Wrote GIVEN) To Build Him A Camp For The Last Days Warriors Of His Kingdom! 

Is This Your Destiny?  Are You A Part Of This Calling?  "Mahanaim"  (Two camps, Two Armies.)  One In The Mountains and One By The Sea.

Discipleship Is Our Passion And Goal For Your Life

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Why is Discipleship so important to us here at The Word of Life Center? Discipleship was THE PLAN of Jesus When He ministered During His time here. Discipleship Is what He told His Disciples, Who He trained Before He Left Earth, TO DO! Jesus, The Greatest Trainer ever, told His Disciples TO MAKE DISCIPLES!

A Disciple IS MADE! And that's what we do . . . we MAKE Disciples of Jesus of Nazareth. It takes time. It takes training. It takes discipline. And the RESULTS are the most exciting, fulfilling and awesome life you can experience!

Have you been HUNGRY FOR MORE? Are you THIRSTY FOR THE LIFE you have been designed by God to do? Come on in . . . What Are You Waiting For? It's time to be TRAINED! It's time to BE MADE into the Disciple that you have longed to be for King Jesus! Every Born Again Believer Is Called To Be Made Into A Disciple Of Jesus. Contact wLC or JCM - and Let's Get Your Destiny started!

Your Destiny Has Been Prepared For You and Is waiting!

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At The Word of Life Center and at Jamie Carte Ministries, THE WORD OF GOD IS THE CENTER!   The Word is First Place of this Ministry and we are Governed By The Word of God. Yes, We are Word People! Jesus IS The Word of God, 

"So the Word became human and made his home among us.  He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness.  And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son." John 1:14 (NLT)

Come Experience The Truth of The Word!   

Come Learn The Mysteries of The Word!  

 Come and Uncover The Vastness of Our Lord and His Word!   

The Word Will Take You To Places With Him That You Didn't Know Existed!  Start Living The Word!  

We are in the midst of Building The Word of Life Center in Hico, WV!  The Framing Of The Building and the Walls Are now FINISHED!  The Roof Of The Center IS COMPLETE!  The Gutters and the Trim Are DONE!  Praise The Lord!  Hallelujah!

There's MUCH TO DO On This Camp Of God in Hico, WV AND In and On The Camp In Leland, NC!  

If God Is Directing You, Come Build, Give and Grow With us!


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Come and Visit Us!

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